First Time Ever: A Google Flagship May Finally Have a Better Display Than the Samsung Flagship!

What to know

  • Google’s Pixel 9 lineup may feature cutting-edge M14 OLED displays.
  • The new screens could outshine those on Samsung’s Galaxy S24 series.
  • Apple’s iPhone 16 Pro models are also rumored to use the same technology.

In a move that could leave competitors green with envy, Google appears poised to give its upcoming Pixel 9 lineup a serious glow-up. A new report out of ET News suggests that the tech giant is eyeing Samsung’s latest and greatest display technology for its next flagship phones.

The buzz surrounds the potential inclusion of M14 OLED panels across the entire Pixel 9 family. This cutting-edge screen tech is said to be a notch above what’s currently gracing the faces of even the most premium smartphones on the market.

If the rumors pan out, it would mark a significant leap forward for Google’s hardware ambitions. The company has been steadily upping its game in the smartphone arena, and this move could help its devices truly shine in a crowded field.

What’s so special about these M14 panels? In a nutshell, they’re the cream of the crop when it comes to mobile displays. FYI, Galaxy S24 is powered by M13 panels. 

Interestingly, Google isn’t the only tech heavyweight eyeing this display tech. Word on the street is that Apple is also looking to deck out its iPhone 16 Pro models with the same M14 goodness. It seems the race for smartphone supremacy is heating up on all fronts.

But here’s where things get really interesting: Google might actually beat Apple to the punch. With the Pixel 9 launch event rumored to be happening before Apple’s usual fall iPhone reveal, Google could be the first to show off these next-level displays to the world.

For tech enthusiasts and smartphone aficionados, this development is nothing short of mouth-watering. The prospect of Pixel devices sporting displays that could potentially outclass those found on Samsung’s own Galaxy S24 series is a tantalizing one indeed.

Of course, as with all pre-release rumors, it’s wise to take this information with a grain of salt. But if Google does manage to pull this off, it could be a game-changer for the Pixel line. (You wish they would do away with that eyesore of a camera bump, too!) 

As we eagerly await more concrete details, one thing’s for certain: the smartphone display wars are far from over. But again, it’s Samsung only that is manufacturing the M14 panels, so they can easily outdid that significantly by the time the plans for their next flagship (hello Galaxy S25!) is set in stone. 

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