With Better Quality Display in Tow, Can a Pixel Device Finally Dethrone the Samsung Galaxy Flagship Completely?

What to know

  • Pixel 9 devices are slated to arrive with the latest M14 OLED screens. 
  • Samsung’s S24 series, which has hitherto been considered the best in terms of display, uses the older M13 OLEDs.
  • Even without external customizations and cover glass, the new screen could result in the Pixel 9 devices being brighter, more power efficient, and having better overall screen quality.

With less than two months to go for an earlier than expected Pixel 9 series launch, leaks and rumors abound over what these devices will look like in their final form. Like every year, the latest Pixel is set to outclass all previous entries in several departments, including AI, which is perhaps the most talked-about feature on these devices. But ever since the recent leaks have surfaced, the one thing that that has everyone taking notice is the new screen on Pixel 9 devices

What’s made this news blow up is the fact that M14 OLED screens (supplied by Samsung) are even better than the ones on Samsung’s very own Galaxy S24 series, which uses the older M13 OLEDs. 

As far as naming conventions go, Samsung Displays are easy to judge – the higher the number, the better the screen. This would mean, at least theoretically, better power efficiency, longevity, brightness, and overall quality on the Pixel 9 devices.

We say theoretically because a better quality display isn’t the only thing that determines the final real-world results. Firmware customizations on Samsung Galaxy devices allow for better contrast at different brightness levels which makes it easier to read. Google, as well as other OEMs, don’t have such customization capability. 

Then there’s the new Corning Gorilla Glass Armor with anti-reflective coating that reduces glare in bright conditions (by 75%), and Galaxy S24 Ultra was the first one to get it. There’s nothing to suggest that Google Pixel 9 series will have this cover glass. 

All this is not to mean that the M14 don’t mean much. On the contrary, every screen upgrade is fundamentally better than the previous iteration (or it wouldn’t be an upgrade). Even without the customizations, the fact that the latest Pixels have the best-in-class screens with the latest display material mean that Samsung’s Galaxy devices – after a healthy run at being the best in the world in terms of their display – have finally been dethroned. 

It isn’t only the latest Pixels that will flaunt the M14 OLEDs. Apple’s iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max are slated to get the latest Samsung Displays as well. But since their launch is several months away, Google’s latest flagship devices will undoubtedly have the best display among smartphones for some time.  

There’s every chance the Galaxy S25 (which is good half-a-year away at the moment) will get the upgraded screen. Add to this Samsung’s screen customizations and screen covers and Samsung could once again reclaim the lost title. But until that day, the Pixel 9 and Pixel Fold 2nd Generation can boast of having the best-in-class displays in the market. 

It’s good to see Google leaving no stone unturned in ensuring Pixel lovers get the best hardware, even if that bumps up the price for Pixel devices further.  

Expect Google to show off these displays at the Pixel 9 launch event, as it rightly should.  

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