Play Store Lets You Download and Install Two New Apps Simultaneously

What to know

  • Play Store now lets you install two new apps together on your Android device.
  • If you install more than two apps, they will remain ‘Pending’ until one of the two finish installing. 
  • Apps will still update one by one. 

Tired of seeing pending installations because you have an app being installed already? Thanks to a recent update, Play Store will now allow you to download  and install two apps side by side. Although this would hardly be a talking point for iOS users who can already do so with three apps simultaneously, it is only now that Android has received support for getting two apps together from the Play Store.

So, from now on, you can tap on Install on two apps and watch them being downloaded together from the Play Store as well as your Home screen. 

If you have any additional apps that you want to install, they’ll remain pending until one of the two apps finish installing. 

Do bear in mind that this update only applies to installing apps, not updating apps. If you’re manually updating apps from the Play Store, it’ll still do so one app at a time. The feature is being rolled out widely and is not restricted to Pixel phones and tablets only. We found it working on Version 40.7.26 of the Play Store. 

Will the Play Store let you download more than two apps simultaneously in the future? We definitely hope so, but seeing how long it took Google to go from one to two, we’re not going to hold our breaths. 

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