How to fix stuck downloads on the Play Store and streaming apps like Hotstar and Gaana

The Google Play Store is home to around 3.8 million applications as of 2018 which makes it the largest app store edging out Apple’s App store which houses 2 million+ apps. Though, we’re pretty sure no one wants a million apps on their smartphones anyway.

With so many apps to pick and choose from, we often find ourselves downloading new apps to try out. However, at times you may get an annoying bug where after tapping the ‘Install’ button, the app gets stuck at downloading. The download just wouldn’t begin. That progress line will keep coming and off. Perpetually. You are left to wonder why the download won’t start?

Well, this issue is not new, in fact, it’s only spread to streaming apps too, including Gaana and Hotstar.

Who is to blame?

Well, your internet connection is to blame for this? Something is wrong with it. We have had this problem with BSNL a lot. To confirm, you can try connecting to another connection, like switching to mobile data, and you would notice that the download starts working right away. Same is the case with streaming too.

We have seen reports of it has affected several users for quite a while now.

If you’ve been bothered by the same reason, don’t fret, we’ve got you covered and have a quick fix for you.

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A simple solution to this is to use a free VPN service app from the Play Store.

From personal experience, installing a VPN app is the quickest and easiest way to fix the issue. Not only does the VPN service fix this bug, but the VPN service also helps you safeguard your privacy online which is a win-win situation.

To fix the issue right away, install the Turbo VPN (APK Link) is a great free VPN service available to download on Android. We have provided the APK file for download because in case you can’t download from the Play Store, install it manually after downloading it from our link. Though, you may simply switch to a different connection and download any VPN app from the Play Store you wish to.

Installing a VPN app should now let you download the apps from the Play Store without encountering the ‘stuck at downloading’ issue. We’d also recommend you to choose your own country in the VPN app for the best results, as choosing another country’s server may restrict or change the content. For example, if you select a U.S. server on hotstar, the service will simply become unavailable. So, choose a local server.

To take a look at a few other great VPN apps to choose from we’d recommend you to check out our article: 10 Best VPN apps for Android.

If you’re not tech-savvy you may want to check out our article on how to get the VPN up and running on your Android device.

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