How to watch Netflix USA in India

What started off as a home rental service that wanted to rival Blockbuster, ended up becoming the largest entertainment library in the world. Netflix has grown from serving millions of users only in the United States, to a multi-national brand that is now available is almost 200 countries. Netflix has been flexible enough to not only bring western content to regions such as India, but set up deals for a bunch of regional content.

However, this comes at a cost as Netflix manages a much larger library of American and European movies and TV shows compared to Hindi content. For the lovers of American pop culture who aren’t too keen on missing out on the latest English movies like Disney’s Cars 3 and evergreen TV shows like F.R.I.E.N.D.S., there is a cool trick get around the regional restrictions. Here’s our guide on how to watch Netflix USA in India the easy way.

Note: This works on Desktop PC as well as Android or any other mobile devices, including iPhone.

Step 1: Get a good VPN service

Back in the old days, Netflix didn’t really care much when users when ahead and accessed Netflix USA from other regions. However, due to copyright laws and pressure from content producers, Netflix had to put in a proxy restriction for those who wanted to use Netflix for one specific region while being located in another region.

This is why only a handful of free VPN services with dependable servers work with Netflix anymore. We took a look at some of the best VPN services out there, and while most of them do work flawlessly, why not get a free one to try things out first? For this tutorial, we put the Opera browser with its built-in VPN feature to good use.

Download Opera Browser

→ If you are using an Android phone, you can use any good VPN app for this. Ditto for iPhones.

Note: It’s easy to guess why you might not like the VPN service within the Opera browser a lot — it’s meant for browsing, not streaming, hence it may need to stop and breathe every now and then. So, it’s very much a given that you would have to use a premium VPN service for this. The good thing is, it doesn’t cost a lot. Give it a Google search.

Step 2: Enjoy Netflix USA in India

Once the Opera Browser is installed, you can enable the VPN by simply pressing the button right next to the URL bar. Using the drop-down menu right below, you can also select the region that you want Opera to fetch a fake IP address from.

On your mobile phone, open the VPN app, and switch to an IP address from anywhere in the U.S.

Now simply type in into the URL bar, hit Enter and log into your Netflix account. The regional settings will automatically be switched to what your IP address is set by Opera, and you will be able to access Netflix USA when the region is set to Americas. On mobile phones, just open the Netflix app.

Note: Even on a fiber optic connection, the transfer speeds over a VPN can widely differ. Opera VPN is dependable and 100% free, but it definitely is not the fastest one out there.

That’s it. Enjoy Netflix USA content from India, or anywhere in the world with this easy little hack thanks to Opera VPN.

Were you able to unlock the hundreds and thousands of movies and TV shows that Netflix is hiding from the Indian users? Let us know if you have a better way of unlocking Netflix USA for India in the comments section below.

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