Google Play Store is down with a server error problem

Play Store server error

Google’s Play Store app is in the midst of a breakthrough redesign but it seems the service is down in some parts of the world. Users are reporting that they are getting ‘server error‘ on the Play Store app and thus are not able to download apps and games from the store.

There are various threads on XDA, plus at least one on Reddit, where users have reported the Play Store breakdown.

As a silver lining, a handful of users are not reporting that the service is back on for them, but for some, even the factory reset didn’t help in fixing the server error issue, let alone signing out and then back in of the Google account.

This clearly seems to be the server-side problem, so we wouldn’t recommend you to change anything on your side.

If you are also experiencing issues, let us know where are you from in the comments box below.

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