You Can Collapse Headings in the Notes App With iOS 18, Here’s How

What to know

  • The Notes app on iOS 18 now lets you collapse or expand sections within Headings and Subheadings.
  • To collapse a section, tap on the Heading, and then tap on the down arrow next to it. Expand the section by tapping on the heading again.  

iOS 18 comes with a slew of updates and new feature. But perhaps none are as consequential for the daily user than the ones on its native Notes app. 

Apart from letting you highlight text, the Notes app gains a new organizational feature to make your unruly notes a little less cumbersome to view. 

Earlier, if you had a lot of content in your notes, you had to scroll a lot to see the complete note. Now, the app will automatically detect when you have headings and subheadings and let you collapse the content within them for a neater aesthetic.

How to collapse and expand Headings in the Notes App with iOS 18

Here’s how you can collapse and expand Headings (as well as Subheadings) on the Notes app:

  1. Open a note with headings and tap on it. You will see a down arrow just before it. Tap on it to collapse the content. 
  2. To expand the headings and subheadings and view the content therein, simply tap on them again.  

It’s a small change, but one that will definitely make a big impact on how users view their notes and how easily they can go through the contents without having to scroll all the way down. It should also encourage users to use the headings/subheadings to format their notes better, since that is what allows them expand and collapse sections.  


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