Best new apps and games for the week [June 22, 2019]

Best Apps and Games

From trending apps to Editor’s choices, the Play Store has millions of apps and games that are available in just a few taps. With new releases every week, it only gets tougher to get your hands on the good ones. Credibility is also an important aspect that tends to be missing when it comes to user reviews thanks to convincing bot takeover and vague reviews by users.

So yes, sometimes an app can be too good to be true and we are here to ensure you don’t get the short end of the stick.

New Best Apps released recently

Here’s a look at recently released apps that have made the cut:

Mp3 RingTone Cutter 2019

Mp3 Ringtone Cutter 2019

If you’re someone who likes personalizing your phone’s ringtone, this app is definitely for you. All you need to do is upload the audio of your desired ringtone and edit is to the parts you want.

Mp3 RingTone Cutter is pretty easy to use and it’s compatible with different audio files to ensure that you don’t run into any trouble. Definitely be wary of ads though.

Download: Mp3 RingTone Cutter

Free Music Downloader & Mp3 Music Download

This app is a pretty comprehensive music player besides being a music download app. We like this app for its variety of music and high-quality download options.

The interface of this app is also pretty decent and it recommends trending songs that you might be interested in.

Download: Free Music Downloader & Mp3 Music Download

New Best Games released recently

Dota Underlords

Even if you are not familiar with Dota, this game has a way of getting you hooked. Basically, you need to create your own panel of heroes and strategize for winning battles. For a PC game that has been adapted for mobile, it wasn’t a very shabby experience.

It does take some adjusting but we recommend trying out the tutorial before setting up your Steam account and battling players online. A good processor and display are absolutely necessary if you want to enjoy this game in its full glory. Also, this is a beta version, so expect issues and bugs that can dampen your experience.

Download: Dota Underlords

Hot Rush: An 8-Bit Horror Adventure

Hot Rush Official Release Trailer — Wyverin Entertainment

Patience is key to cracking this particular game. Hot Rush is a fun arcade game that will require you to maneuver the main character Antonio through a complicated fiery maze where you could die if you make even one wrong move.

This game has a retro Atari feel, especially with the whole pixelated lego effect that the makers are going for. The whole experience is quite fun and if you can adjust to the annoying ads, you will even finish this game.

Download: Hot Rush

Escape Game: Drink Me!

脱出ゲーム Drink me! 紹介ムービー Escape game Drink me! movie

If you love puzzle and mystery games, this one will be right up your alley. The setting of the game has been designed quite well and you need to find the 7 hidden items to get out of the mysterious country.

The game offers hints and you can magnify suspicious areas to figure out the puzzles too. Its simple interface and easy controls make it very kid-friendly too.

Download: Escape Game

Is it Love? Daryl – Virtual Boyfriend


In the age of tinder and online dating, it is honestly no surprise that virtual interactive romance games are getting better at what they do. Keep in mind that this game is not PG-13 and it’s a pretty shallow concept.

You can choose from a variety of men from different age groups and professions depending on what tickles your fancy. This game also has an intense and engaging plot that will keep you going. Try it for some mindless fun.

Download: Virtual Boyfriend


A fairly simple, yet engaging concept, blue is a 50 level OCD indulgence. You will be tasked with turning the entire screen blue and it will get harder with each level.

The game requires some logic and it’s a very tame version of Dumb Ways to Die. It also provides hints at the cost of an ad.

Download: blue

Room Escape Game: Starry Sky

Many escape games have a flow issue. They tend to start easy but get extremely difficult very quickly. In fact, this is what has caused a bit of an adjustment issue with most Escape Games and it can be rather off-putting to have to deal with it.

Starry Sky is infinitely better on this count. The seamless flow makes it easy to play and the puzzles get tougher gradually. Also, this game has a great mystery that is actually pretty fun to solve.

Download: Room Escape Game

Break Hexa Puzzle

This puzzle game is ingenious in its execution. The hexagon shapes create some deceptive combinations and the game does not make it easy for you to finish a puzzle either. This is regardless of whether you’re a beginner or an expert.

We especially like this game for the number of levels it offers. If you want to exercise your brain, try Break Hexa Puzzle.

Download: Break Hexa Puzzle

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