Android 15’s App Archiving Feature Will Free up Space Without Uninstalling Apps

What to know

  • Android 15 will include an App Archiving feature to save up internal storage space without uninstalling apps.
  • You’ll be able to archive apps from the ‘App info’ page by tapping on ‘Archive’. To restore the app later, simply tap on ‘Restore’.
  • Once restored, you’ll have access to all your accounts, preferences, and app data as before.
  • Android 15 will also allow automatic app archiving using a ‘Manage app if unused’ toggle on the ‘App info’ page.

Ever wished you could save up space on your Android device without having to uninstall apps? With Android 15, you’ll soon be able to do exactly that. Google is working on an interesting new feature called ‘App Archiving’ that will free up space without having to uninstall apps.

Android 15 will let you archive apps to conserve space

With App Archiving, you’ll soon be able to save space without needing to uninstall an app, and later re-installing it when you need the app again. Archiving will be available on the ‘App Info’ page. On Android 15, you’ll see a new Archive option there. Tapping on it will instantly free up much of the space that the app was taking up. 

This free space can be utilized for anything from saving more photos and videos, installing new apps, or anything else that you need it for. 

Whenever you need to start using the app again, simply tapping on Restore on the App Info page will return the app to your device. Upon restoration, you’ll find all your app data and accounts intact.

Apart from manually archiving, users can allow automatic app archiving when the device is out of storage by enabling Manage app if unused from the same App info page. 

Image: Android Authority

Although App Archiving is already possible from within the Play Store, this feature will soon become an OS-level feature, granting users better control of app storage than before.   

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