Top 3 Android 15 Features You Must Know About

What to know

  • Android 15 has several new, cool features that you should really be aware of.
  • The best of these include Private Space, App Archiving, and lastly, Partial Screen Recording.
  • Read below to learn more.

With beta 2 out, Android 15 is getting closer to a full release. Although it isn’t a major departure from Android 14, it has several new and much-needed features that update and improve upon the standard Android experience. Here are the top three new features which we think improves stock Android the most.  

3 must-know Android 15 features!

Although there are a bunch of new features in the offing, the likes of which include Audio Sharing, Theft Protection, and better Satellite Connectivity, we decide to overlook these in favor of the following three, which we believe will have a far greater impact on regular Android usage in terms of usability and convenience. So let’s dive in and see what makes them stand out. 

1. Private Space

Every time you hand over your phone to a friend or a parent, you give up your privacy and allow them to see the apps you have. Not so anymore.

With ‘Private Space’, you can now create a hidden space for the apps you want to keep private and away from prying eyes. These apps won’t appear in your app drawer or the Home screen. More importantly, you won’t see any notifications from them when Private Space is locked. 

Image: Shruti Mishra (X)

Apps which are part of this private space will appear at the bottom of the app drawer in a separate section. If you like, you can also unhide these apps briefly. 

Enable Private Space from Settings > Security & privacy > Private Space. You can use the existing biometrics or screen lock, or set a new password for Private Space. 

2. App archiving

App archiving is a feature mostly available on OEM skins. But Google is now making this a native feature on Android, finally.

Archiving is similar to uninstalling an app, but without giving up your app data. Once you archive an app, you’ll free up the space that was being used by the app. But archiving doesn’t delete user data so when you reinstall the app, you’ll find all your accounts and data intact. 

You can manually archive apps as well as allow automatic app archiving when the device is out of storage. An archived app has the cloud icon on it. 

3. Partial screen recording

Screen recording until Android 14 has been all well and good. But not everyone has to see any other apps than the only app you want to show, right? This is why ‘Partial screen recording’ is such an important feature. 

As the name suggests, the feature will restrict the recording of the screen to only the app window that you actually want to record. So, if you need to switch apps or if you receive a notification while recording, you won’t accidentally record those extraneous elements. 

Of the several new improvements that Android 15 is bringing, these are the three which we think are the most useful additions to stock Android.

While, Audio Sharing in Android 15 is another feature that we’re sure will quickly find its fans.

Stay tuned for a complete guide on these features once they’re rolled out in a final stable version. Until that time! Stay safe.  

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