Android 15 Will Allow ‘Audio Sharing’ and Require Verification When Connected to PC

What to know

  • Android 15 will let you connect multiple headphones via its ‘Audio sharing’ feature.
  • Android 15 will also require authorization when switching USB modes for additional file security when connected to the PC.
  • Both these features are available on Android 15’s Developer Preview 2, but they’re not functional yet.  

Developer Previews give us glimpses of what to expect from the next iteration of Android. We saw a few important features appear in the second Developer Preview for Android 15. But there are also features which may not be fully up and running yet but could well make their debut in the next version of Android. Here’s a look at a couple of features that we’re excited about. 

Play music on multiple headphones with ‘Audio Sharing’

Audio Sharing is a connectivity feature that will allow others to connect their headphones and listen to your media alongside you. This will come in handy not only when you need to consume media with a friend without disturbing others but also for better audio experience while listening to music or watching movies. 

While there are a few options to play audio through multiple connected devices on Windows 11, there’s nothing like it on smartphones. 

On Android 15, the ‘Audio sharing’ option will appear on the ‘Connected devices’ page. Tapping on it will open a new page where you can enable or disable ‘Share audio’ and play a test sound to ensure that all the devices are connected properly. There’s a ‘Stream settings’ section as well, but it doesn’t have any options under it as of now. It’d be interesting to see what options appear here and how they can help customize audio sharing. 

Audio Sharing has the ability to change the way Android users listen to media with others. We might see the feature in action in future previews.  

Authentication required when changing USB modes

With the Developer Preview 2, users are also required to authenticate themselves whenever they’re connecting the device to the computer. Switching between the USB mode will not happen until the user has verified that it’s them using biometrics or an unlock code. 

It’s a great way to secure your files. Even if someone has possession of your phone, they won’t be able to access the files via a computer. The additional layer of security should give Android users some peace of mind when they’re giving their device to a friend or a technician. There is, however, a security loophole. If the device is unlocked and the USB debugging authorization is turned on, others will be able to gain access to your data.

Google will have to fix this security issue if this feature can provide the additional security as intended.

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