Best new apps and games for the week [June 15, 2019]

Best apps and games June 15

From unique concepts to convenience, this weeks list of apps and games are all about catering to the masses. This week has seen some interesting apps make their way to the Play Store. We are still marveling over some of the concepts that we’ve witnessed in this list. The levels of creativity and ingenious executions will definitely keep you interested and curious.

Best New Apps for the Week

Without further ado, here’s the list of best apps and games for the week that we’ve curated for you.

MyPic.Status – Lyrical Video Status Maker

This app provides a decently wide variety of options that range from popular Bollywood hits to unplugged versions make this app ideal for creating videos. MyPic.Status has a pretty simple interface too, with easy navigation to get to the end product.

The process is pretty simple, all you have to do is choose the video of your choice and embed your photos. The app renders these videos pretty quickly and you can download the video for the price of watching one ad.

Download: MyPic.Status

Free Mp3, Video, Music-Iso Tube Player

A free MP3 app that actually gives you access to comprehensive music collection is very difficult to come by, which is why we like this particular app.

From creating playlists to downloading your favorite songs, Free Mp3 is pretty thorough with the options that it offers. It almost functions like a free streaming music player too, in case you don’t want to use a paid service.

Download: Free Mp3

Deep Cleaner Pro

The one-tap operation that is offered by this app makes it a great option for a cleaner app. You can perform major actions like phone boost and scan without having to deal with the drama of seeing in-depth information.

Deep Cleaner is also a great choice if you want to customize a data plan and reduce data usage. This app also recommends great app options that will improve the overall utility of your phone.

Download: Deep Cleaner

Best New Games for the Week

Flip The Pistol

This super ingenious game will get you hook, line and sinker. At first, we thought we need to take down enemies or do something of equivalent with the pistol but no, you just have to literally flip it and take it to the top while earning bullets and coins to upgrade your gun.

The game follows a principle that is similar to Flappy Bird and Badland. You have to keep tapping the screen to decide the trajectory of the gun without falling down and losing. A definite must-try from this list.

Download: Flip The Pistol

Mosaic: BlipBlop

This game is deceptive on multiple layers. It’s an endless continuous tap game that did not impress with its description. Also, the interface does not give away what it’s all about.

To describe the game, you have to basically keep tapping on the Blip to generate as many Blops as possible. It sounds really boring, we know, but once you start tapping, the game will literally suck you in and you will be upgrading aggressively to get more Blops.

Download: Mosaic

Sinful Roses: Romance Otome Game

Another great addition to the roster of Romance Otome Game, Sinful Roses, you will be a character who is perceived as a ‘Demon Child’. If you like dealing with the supernatural drama that involves actual demons, this one will be definitely up your alley.

The beautiful male characters are exorcists who will play your love interest and yes, you get to pick and choose.

Download: Sinful Roses

Fill The Glass

This game can be executed fairly simply. All you need to do is be extremely good at drawing a line to keep the glass happy. Don’t be taken in by the simple and minimal graphics though. You will be surprised at how difficult it is to get a smile on the glass.

We recommend giving your execution a little thought because what may look like a line that should work may actually not. Fill The Glass is definitely harder than it looks.

Download: Fill The Glass

Find The Different: Decrypt 5 difference

This game definitely elevates the concept of spotting the difference and turns it into a whole adventure. You will play a detective in this one and finding the difference in pictures and scenes will help you unravel the mystery.

While you are time bound to figure things out, there is an option of hint that you can use to move forward. If you want to improve your observation skills in a fun way, try this game.

Download: Find The Difference


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