Best apps and games for the week [May 18, 2019]

Best Apps and Games 18 May 2019

We’re halfway through the month and the Play Store has been updated with some cool new apps. From the latest in games to organization and personalization, here’s a list to keep you updated.

Best Apps of the week (May 18)

Here our best apps and games for the week.

Artwalls – Wallpapers

Artwalls is unique for quite a few reasons. You will find versatile art ranging from loud and pop to muted and minimalist tones. You can even see the artist’s comment and the inspiration behind the wallpaper if you scroll down after you’ve tapped on a wallpaper.

There are some beautiful minimal options available for AMOLED screens. In fact, a lot of these wallpaper are only compatible with AMOLED screens so if you’re coming here with an HD or FHD display, you’ll have limited but decent options. Keep in mind that you’ll have to pay if you want to download multiple wallpapers.

Download: Artwalls – Wallpapers


Why do you need a third-party application manager when most of us are comfortable with managing our apps from our phone’s Settings? Because Skit will make you change your mind. A clean and user-friendly interface coupled with the kind of data it provides could actually be an eye-opener for you.

You will be surprised at the number of activities, services, and especially used permissions that factor in to let the app run on your phone. There is also detailed analytics about your user behavior and the apps space consumption. This app will make you go KonMari on your phone.

Download: Skit

Hermit Lite Apps Browser

The name of this browser app does not do justice to its functionality. But if you’re someone who has high browser usage, stick around. You could really use this one. Hermit creates an app version of your choice of website to allow you easy and customized access. The app itself is like a bookmark for these lite apps. Once you’re in the lite app, Hermit comes to life again in a panel on the top right. This panel does all the magic by letting you block ads (yes, it’s legit!) and customizing the website as per your taste.

This is also an ideal solution for you if you’re running out of space because you can create a lite version of many apps on Hermit. It’s also great if you are looking for a browser that does not consume or waste tons of space. We would highly recommend that you at least try Hermit before you dismiss it.

Download: Hermit Lite Apps Browser

Recent Notification

We’re all used to addressing a pile of notifications from the moment we wake up to till our heads hit the pillow again. Either most of us ignore this pile and clear our panel without a second look or go through it at a furious pace to finish the task. The consequences of missing a notification can be disastrous sometimes and we’ve all been there.

That’s why this app is probably something we all need. So even if you miss a notification or clear them out to avoid them at that moment, come back to them on this app. It keeps a track of your important notifications for the entire day and you can check them anytime you want. This is one of those apps whose brilliance lies in its simplicity.

Download: Recent Notification

Sphaera – 4K, HD Map Wallpapers

Another great app for more unique wallpapers, Sphaera offers map wallpapers that can be customized in its cartogram style gallery. The mechanism is simple, just select your location and customize it in the gallery. You can save it in resolutions ranging from 1080p to 4k depending on your phone.

One of the most creative wallpaper apps on Play Store, Saphera lets you play with an image and create your own rendition it. It also has stock locations that you can select and customize. Definitely, a must-try if you’re cool with the minor app purchase cost.

Download: Sphaera ($0.99)

Life Hacks

Most of us are drawn to life hacks in general and the internet is filled with them. But no more hunting them out thanks to this particular app. Life Hacks comes out with tons of new hacks every day and here’s the best part, it’s organized by category.

You can download the app and customize how many hacks you see in a day. We think this one is great for small coffee breaks or when you need to take it easy.

Download: Life Hacks

School It

This is the app most of us wish we had when we were in school and college. School It takes tough subjects and helps to tackle them head-on. It offers detailed information on topics ranging from fractions to tenses and acts as a guide for homework

Users rave about School It and how it has enabled them. If you’re studying or have a kid who is in school, this app is really helpful.

Download: School It

Best Games

Smashing Rush: Parkour Action Run Game

Smashing Rush   Official Trailer #2

Another great arcade style game made for Android, Smashing Run is all about having fun with cool parkour tricks that we cannot possibly attempt in real life. This game runs in a continuous mode until you hit an obstacle. It also has two simple controls i.e. Jump and Dash.

You can also play this game in challenge mode and select from a wide variety of characters to customize. We must also acknowledge that the pretty pastel look and feel contributes beautifully to the game.

Download: Smashing Run


BattleText App - Texting Battle Game - Outsmart Friends & Enemies in this Unique Word Game

If you’re into word-based battle jams, then you will love this particular game. The game pitches you against competition and all you have to do is use words that start from the alphabet of the previous word used by the competition.

Yes, it won’t be easy in the beginning, but you will soon realize that the app is expanding your vocabulary and you will get some wins in. Go ahead an test your English with this app.

Download: BattleText

Rumble Stars

Rumble Stars is out now on iOS and Android!

If you love Clash of Royale then you will love Rumble Stars too. This multiplayer football game involves some crazy physics. It’s also easy to learn even though it does take some time to master the gameplay.

Frogmind has made similarly brilliant games in the past like Badland Brawl and they continue to deliver. Though Rumble stars could still use a few tweaks here and there, it’s still good enough to get you hooked.

Download: Rumble stars

We hope you try out these apps and truly enjoy the experience that Android strives to provide its users. Stay tuned to our website for more such reviews and updates!

Until next time…

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