Best new apps and games of the week (June 8, 2019)

As our phones are evolving, so are the kind of applications and games that are being made to run on them. This is happening at a very quick pace too. The latest set of apps vary from a combination of functional to retro. New renditions of old classics and apps with a distinct take on traditional arcade-style dominate this list. But there is also a certain ingenuity in simplicity that you will discover from one of the more functional apps we’ve discovered for you. So without further ado, here’s a look at the best apps that have been released this week.


Best new apps for the week


This app is specifically for BTS (Bangtan Boys) fans who want to acquire the group’s collectible items like CDs, light sticks, rings, etc. It is usually a nightmare for BTS fans who are based in the US to get these items from international websites. Also, you also have to worry about customs, shipping fees and the fact that there is no guarantee your item will arrive at all.

Weply offers a decent variety of collectibles that will help you complete your BTS shrine while ensuring that you don’t have to go through excessive trouble to do so. Definitely check out their merchandise if you’re into K-pop and especially BTS.

Download: Weply

Fast & Smart Cleaner

This app has one of the most minimalistic interfaces for a cleaner app. Also, you’re not deprived of the memory and storage data that you like. As the name suggests, the two main commands i.e Phone Boost and Junk Clean are available on the apps home screen so you can clean up your phone and optimize its RAM quickly.

Additionally, they have a menu that provides the option to Ignore Apps and check Device information. It has a super easy to navigate interface that is pretty clutter free, something we don’t see a lot in cleaner apps.

Download: Fast & Smart Cleaner

PROBET: Football Betting Tips

If you’re into football and love betting on matches, PROBET is a must. It’s comprehensive in a good way. The interface lets you see stats for every single match and if you want to know more simply select the match you’re interested in. The app will show you match prediction statistics, crucial analytical information, and betting tips.

PROBET covers matches by the day and hour. It also comes with a schedule for future matches with as much data as possible to help you make an informed decision. So check out this app before placing your next bet.

Download: PROBET: Football Betting Tips

Gaming Logo Design Ideas

Creating your own logo can be a really tedious process and there is nothing like a great starter pack that can help you accelerate the process. This app has a decent variety of themed logos which range from animals to ninjas that you can look to for inspiration.

You can even choose a logo that you particularly like and recreate it in your own image and likeness. There are tons of options and all you need to do is check it out.

Download: Gaming Logo Design Ideas


You don’t need a leveling instrument once you get this app. 1x turns your phone into a level that can be used to check the level of both vertical and horizontal surface.

Even if you don’t have to know anything much about carpentry, the two-dimensional tilt angle setting makes it easy to figure things out to use this app.

Download: 1хСтавка

Live Wallpaper Compass

This Live Wallpaper app is not about the gimmicks. Instead, it plays with the concept of cinemagraphs and artistic imagery to deliver some chic wallpapers that are minimal, but also very powerful.

So yes, while there is nothing that pops out when you touch the wallpaper and there are a limited number of wallpapers so far, the app still shows major promise.

Download: Live Wallpaper Compass

Best new games for the week

Escape game Morning

Another great inclusion to the Escape game series, this tap-to-play game is simple and requires some serious attention to detail. Like all the other Escape games, you need to operate with the items and figure out how to escape the situation you’re in.

Keep in mind that this game is slightly difficult and you will only be supplemented with a few vague hints. Also, kudos for the great ad placement.

Download: Escape game Morning

I AM Runner

I AM Runner is an intense running game which predominantly happens in a jungle setting. Usually, most running games adhere to just dashing obstacles but this one also has opponents and enemies that you can kill for points.

This game has a lot of fanfare and excitement, in fact, it will almost remind you of Adventure Island from back in the old days. We highly recommend trying this one.

Download: I AM Runner

Tiny Gems: Dash & Create

Tiny Gems is another game that will remind you of your Nintendo days. It is eerily similar to Bomber man and the theme of the setting of this game will most definitely convince you of that.

Fortunately, the game is super customizable with color themes and also comes with controller support in case you feel like reminiscing the old days again.

Download: Tiny Gems: Dash & Create

Iron Force 2 (Unreleased)

This action-packed tank warfare game lets you connect with millions of users and friends online to obliterate each other and win. Sounds very similar to PubG right?

Iron Force 2 is a rich experience with great graphics and three immersive locations that you can select from. If you like strategizing and disrupting, try this one.

Download: Iron Force 2 (Unreleased)

Taxi Run

Taxi Run is another interesting rendition of SEGA’s Crazy Taxi. It is probably not as crazy but it is definitely fun and you will pick up the controls (which are not many, to begin with) and all you have to do is transport customers and earn from each ride.
This game is a fresh perspective and offers some great power-ups that change the entire pace of the game. Do try this one if you’re a fan of Crazy Taxi.

Download: Taxi Run

LEGO® City Explorers

If your child loves to play with LEGOs, this game is a great way to use them to learn more about Space. This game is super interactive and can be followed easily to ensure that it keeps the child’s attention.
LEGO has specially coordinated with NASA for this one so the rich graphics and haptics (especially when the rocket launches) are supplemented by legitimate knowledge and information that will really enrich the child.

DownloadLEGO® City Explorers

We hope you liked this list! Do let us know what you think in the comments.


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