Best new Android games for the month [June 2019]

The Android gaming space has been constantly evolving and the list of great games is only growing more extensive with time. As fresh games arrive in the Play Store, the criteria for deciding a good game has become more and more difficult.

Nevertheless, if you love gaming on your phone, this list will equip you with a new set of games that will optimize your phone to deliver an intense as well as unique gaming experience. It all depends on your taste and preferences beyond this point. Let’s proceed!

Best Android Games [June 2019]

19 freshly released games have made it to the top of our June list. Check them out:

War Plane 3D -Fun Battle Games

War Plane is a really thrilling battle game that comes with airborne machine guns, long-range guided missiles, multi-target missiles, warplane plate, and many other cool weapons. You have to navigate your way through the sky, track your enemies and totally obliterate them.

This battle game won’t impress you till you actually start playing it though. The level of control for a game that involves aircraft movements is truly commendable. War Plane 3D is absolutely capable of getting you hooked so do try this game.

Download: War Plane 3D

Word Tiles: Relax n Refresh

Word Tiles: Relax n Refresh

Word Tiles is a great brain teaser and comes with an endless supply of challenges thanks to the 1000+ levels that you can access through this app. It’s meant to relax your mind and distract you if that’s what you need.

There is not much fanfare involved in this game. It has a simple interface and once you start, it won’t be long before you are hooked to it. The game is most certainly therapeutic and we appreciate the fact that they try to keep ads to the minimum.

Download: Word Tiles

Mega Punch – Top Boxing Game

This boxing game manages to pack an extra punch with great character options and great graphics. Mega Punch is a very convincing gaming experience and it has fairly simple controls which only adds more to its appeal.

If you decide to try this game, we recommend taking in the full experience by keeping your phone’s sound on. Also, it’s ideal if you take a tutorial before diving into matches. This will help you to get an understanding of how the uppercuts work as well as give you ideas to take down your opponent effectively.

Download: Mega Punch

Ball Brawl!

The beauty of Ball Brawl lies in its simplicity. There are two important aspects to this game, the utter disregard for rules and the movement of the players.

You won’t miss having a controller when you play Ball Brawl. It is super easy to navigate your player and you will get a hang of the game before you even realize it. The overall vibe of this game is pretty chill and you can try it if you’re looking for something fun that won’t require any exertion.

Download: Ball Brawl!

Purple Diver

The premise of Purple Diver is simple, a purple diver (literally) dives from different heights and your job is to ensure the diver makes it to the pool. You have to basically dive into the water with enough precision to cover the depth of the pool and earn yourself brownie points.

For a simple game, things can get pretty intense if you miscalculate your dive. It’s not just about getting into the water right, you also have to do it repeatedly from different heights making this a really interesting game.

Download: Purple Diver

Advance Car Parking 2: Driving School 2019

If you like simulation games, Advance Car Parking will most definitely tickle your fancy. You’ll have to maneuver the car through some difficult turns and navigate it in the right direction. Even one teeny tiny mistake means you’ll have to start over.

Once you get a hang of this game, it can be pretty fun. It’s worth trying for how realistic the simulation and the good graphics also really contribute to its appeal

Download: Advance Car Parking 2

Unroll Me 2

The original rolling ball puzzle is back with a sequel that has new game modes and cool themes. If you were hooked to the first game, the sequel is pumped with 800+ handcrafted levels making this puzzle game a must-play.

Another great bonus of this game is how ad-free entire experience is.  This ingenious puzzle game also offers rich 3D graphics so you will have a great time playing it.

Download: Unroll Me 2

Smashing Rush: Parkour Action Run Game

Smashing Rush   Official Trailer #2

Another great arcade style game made for Android, Smashing Run is all about having fun with cool parkour tricks that we cannot possibly attempt in real life. This game runs in a continuous mode until you hit an obstacle. It also has two simple controls i.e. Jump and Dash.

You can also play this game in challenge mode and select from a wide variety of characters to customize. We must also acknowledge that the pretty pastel look and feel contributes beautifully to the game.

Download: Smashing Run


BattleText App - Texting Battle Game - Outsmart Friends & Enemies in this Unique Word Game

If you’re into word-based battle jams, then you will love this particular game. The game pitches you against competition and all you have to do is use words that start from the alphabet of the previous word used by the competition.

Yes, it won’t be easy in the beginning, but you will soon realize that the app is expanding your vocabulary and you will get some wins in. Go ahead an test your English with this app.

Download: BattleText

Rumble Stars

Rumble Stars is out now on iOS and Android!

If you love Clash of Royale then you will love Rumble Stars too. This multiplayer football game involves some crazy physics. It’s also easy to learn even though it does take some time to master the gameplay.

Frogmind has made similarly brilliant games in the past like Badland Brawl and they continue to deliver. Though Rumble stars could still use a few tweaks here and there, it’s still good enough to get you hooked.

Download: Rumble stars

Angry Birds POP 2: Bubble Shooter

Angry Birds POP 2: Bubble Shooter Adventure!

If you like bubble shooting gameplay, this is one game you will thoroughly enjoy. Basically, one bird and one pig character team up to save the hatchlings and baby pigs. It’s a fun and cute concept that’s been coupled with popular game characters.

The game is still facing a few glitches and lags but it’s pretty addictive and we’re sure the makers will update the game to fix these issues.

Download: Angry Birds POP 2: Bubble Shooter

Dumb Ways To Draw

Dumb Ways to Draw

Protect your character from catastrophic consequences by drawing a path and leading them to the end of each level. It’s extremely fun and you will enjoy using the pencil to use carve out a path for Clumsy Beans.

The game has a pretty simple interface and nice graphics so you can enjoy the concept of the game without having to make super complicated maneuvers. The only way to win is to figure out the puzzle with your head.

Download: Dumb Ways To Draw

Pokémon Rumble Rush

Pokemon Rumble Rush _Official Trailer For Android

If you’re looking for fast-paced gameplay, Pokemon Rumble Rush is actually a great choice. You’ll have to control your Pokémon and clear stages by moving forward. Engage in battle with enemy Pokémon and upgrade your Pokémon to earn points and proceed in the game. We think you will enjoy this game even if you’re not a Pokemon fan.

Download: Pokémon Rumble Rush

Leisure Classic Solitaire

Here are the top Android games for this week.

Keep in mind that the game itself is really basic. Also, we are aware that there are other competitive Classic Solitaire apps out there with probably a better interface and more customizable options as well. But the fancier the app, the more you’re going to be bombarded with ads unless you pay for the app.

Here’s the thing, Solitaire is about moving cards and getting it right as few moves as possible. You will really appreciate this app for being super functional and without-ads, especially when you need another chance.

Download: Leisure Classic Solitaire

Impossible Tricky Motobike Race Crazy Adventure

Impossible Tricky Motobike Race Crazy Adventure

This game is a really pleasant surprise for us. The biggest issue of racing games is that we take a while to acclimatize to the controls of the car/bike before we can truly achieve something. This game is not about any of that drama. Your bike has been given enough controls to help you maneuver it.

The terrains and challenges demand acknowledgment for how ingeniously they are set. It’s a game that knows how to invoke emotions well. You will start with apprehension and move on to feeling the exhilaration and thrill very quickly.

Download: Impossible Tricky Motobike Race Crazy Adventure

Angelic Kisses: Romance Otome Game

Angelic Kisses is simply a new story and setup created to feed the massive addiction and demand for these story-based games. The way this game indulges one’s need for customized romance is the equivalent of how readers look forward to Mills and Boons, but better.

Users want the same foundation of a damsel-in-distress concept, except that she is distressed in different settings and slightly altered plotlines. Angelic Kisses certainly offers those in plenty so if you like romance, go for it.

Download: Angelic Kisses

Zombie Night Terror

This strategy action game allows you to control and create zombies. The whole game revolves around a zombie apocalypse started by you and the pixel animation creates exceptional gameplay that you won’t be able to take your eyes off.
Yes, you will have to pay an amount but that is the price to pay for an ad-free seamless gaming experience on your smartphone. If you do decide to spend on this game, it will be worth it.

Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap

It is usually pretty difficult to adapt a console game to mobile, the lack of controller and shift to touchscreen usually contribute to the downfall of the app version of most PC/console games (remember Fortnite?). But user reaction to the touch controls of Wonder Boy has been overwhelmingly positive.
Another aspect that makes this game so worthwhile is the hand-drawn animation that creates the setting for this Metroidvania style game. So yes, the price may be steep for an app but this game is available at a discount that could make you reconsider.
Download: Wonder Boy


KIDS – Launch Trailer

The basic premise of KIDS is that it allows you to move with and against crowds until it disappears entirely. It’s a very unsettling and dark gameplay that lasts between 15-30 minutes.

This game has a way of imposing one thought over and over again through minimal but deeply impactful art. If you like an odd experience once in a while, try this game.

Download: KIDS

We hope you enjoyed this list and decide to try out some of these apps. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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