Best Video calling apps on Android

Nowadays, with the availability of free public Wi-Fi and unlimited data plans, it’s way easier to video call your loved ones and see them rather than simply hear their voice over the phone. Currently, there are over 340 million hours of video calls made on WhatsApp each day alone. This just goes to show how rapidly video calling is replacing our traditional voice calls.

There is an abundance of video calling apps available on the Play Store but not all video calling apps are created equally. Some offer better video quality while the others might offer a few additional features while some might just not be up to the mark.

So to save you some time trying to pick the best video calling app, we’ve curated a list of the best video calling applications available on the Google Play Store.

So without any further ado, let’s check out some great apps to place video calls.


Here are the best video calling applications for Android.

Note: Video call quality also depends on your network connection speed.

Top three video conferencing apps

In the wake of COVID-19, most organizations and institutions have turned to video conferencing applications to keep their operations alive. As you’d expect, mobile devices aren’t necessarily as robust as desktops. So, there are some limitations you’re likely to encounter. However, if you’re looking for lightweight applications that can get the job done, look no further than this little sublist.


Zoom Video Conferencing

Zoom isn’t the first name that comes into mind when we think about video calling, but the platform has indeed stepped up to the plate since the outbreak. The US-based remote conferencing tool has seen its userbase multiply over the last few weeks, and so far, it has handled the traffic quite gracefully.

In the aftermath of the rise of a form on online trolling — ZoomBombing — Zoom has ramped up its security, encouraging the use of passwords and turning a feature called Waiting Room by default. So, to conclude, not only does it allow you to host up to 100 participants for free — with a 40-minute cap on group meetings — it’s also one of the more secure options out there.

Download: Zoom from Google Play

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft has been one of the major players in the segment for a couple of years now, but the latest updates make Microsoft Teams more desirable than ever. Stacked with full Office 365 integration, Microsoft Teams aims to make working from home as convenient as possible, guaranteeing you’re never running low on efficiency.

Teams, unlike Zoom, however, doesn’t have a basic or free plan and is only reserved for those who have an Office 365 license. Of course, every individual doesn’t need to subscribe, as a workplace’s common license would serve just as well. With Teams, you can host up to 250 members in a meeting and interact with each of them effortlessly. Sure, it doesn’t have some of the more aesthetically-pleasing features like Zoom, but that doesn’t stop it from being a perfect solution for a little serious-minded demographic.

Download: Microsoft Teams from Google Play

Hangouts Meet

Trusted by some of the leading organizations around the world, Hangouts Meet is Google’s answer to Microsoft Teams and Zoom. On paper, it works just like the original, free Google Hangouts, with some added productivity features that make life a lot easier.

With the application, which can only be used by paid G-Suite users, you can host up to 250 members and stream to up to 100,000 attendees. Apart from the obvious perk of hosting more participants, you also get to share your screen, conduct a meeting without a microphone and camera, and schedule meetings ahead of time. If you want the convenience of Google and don’t mind paying a little extra, Hangouts Meet should fit you like a glove.

Download: Hangouts Meet from Google Play

Google Duo

Update 7th July 2020: Google Duo now supports the ability to video call up to 32 participants simultaneously. The feature was first spotted on Google Duo web in June and has now made its way to mobile apps with Google’s latest update to Duo.

Google Duo is easily one of the best video calling apps available. As the name suggests the application was developed by Google itself and offers a smooth video calling experience with great video quality as well. Using the application is pretty simple since the UI isn’t cluttered like most other video callings apps and you could begin a video call within a matter of seconds.

Currently, Google Duo allows you to hold video conferences with 11 people, and the firm has promised to increase the limit in the future. The calls, as you’d expect, are end-to-end encrypted, which means that no-one, apart from the ones involved, can get hold of your conversations.

Google Duo is also getting a new video codec, which would dramatically improve video quality “on very low bandwidth.” Finally, Duo allows you to capture your precious memories and send AR messages to the ones who matter the most.

Download: Google Duo


WhatsApp is the most popular messaging application in the world and is used in several regions. The application gained video call support a couple of years ago and now users have begun using WhatsApp to send and receive messages as well as place video calls.

The best part of using WhatsApp is that most of your contacts already have the application installed on their devices hence you could begin a video call without having to worry if the other person has WhatsApp installed.

Update [April 28, 2020]: WhatsApp has finally started rolling out with the ability to make calls to up to 8 people at a given time all of its users, amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The feature can be accessed when making video as well as audio calls using the WhatsApp on your phone. You can get the functionality by simply updating the WhatsApp app from Google Play.

Download: WhatsApp

ooVoo Video Calls, Messaging & Stories

ooVoo is another great video calling application which lets you have a 1 to 1 video call or you could also place a group video call with up to 8 people. ooVoo now also lets you send messages and videos to friends and is a multi-platform video calling app hence you could also place a video call to users who have the application installed on their PC.

The video call quality is on power with WhatsApp and Google Duo hence you won’t be disappointed in that area.

Download: ooVoo Video Calls, Messaging & Stories

Messenger – Text and Video Chat for Free

Almost every internet user has a Facebook account and probably have the Messenger application installed on their smartphones. The Messenger application by itself is packed with features and you could share GIFs and what not within the application. Coming to the video calling aspect, you could place a 1 to 1 video call or even start a group video call.

In addition to the traditional video calling feature, users can also add cool filters to their own video while in a video call, making the experience even more fun.

Download: Messenger

Viber Messenger

Viber is a great alternative to WhatsApp and offers a ton of great features for users to make the most of the application. Much like the previous application on the list, you can call anyone in your contacts who have the Viber application installed as well for free without paying for any subscription.

The application also has a bunch of cool stickers and emojis for the times you might prefer to chat over placing a video call.

Download: Viber Messenger


LINE: Free Calls & Messages

LINE is a fantastic application to chat as well as place video calls on and is the number one chat/video call applications in several countries. You can place your standard 1 to 1 video call; however, the application now also supports group video calling with up to 200 members, which is absolutely insane.

The app also offers a great chat experience with a number of sticker packs and emojis.

Download: LINE: Free Calls & Messages

Skype – Talk. Chat. Collaborate.

Now, how can we forget the OG video calling application Skype. Back in the day when video calling was just beginning to become a thing, Skype was one of the only few applications which let users place video calls. Skype has been available on Android for several years now and is still a great app to place video calls.

The video quality is great and you could even place voice calls via the application. The only downside is that Skype just isn’t as fluid as some other apps on the list such as Google Duo.

Download: Skype

Tango – Live Video Broadcast

Tango was one of the first video calling applications to make its way on Android. The app has also got support for live broadcasting as well. You could add a bunch of cool stickers and filters while placing a video call which makes the app quite entertaining especially if you’re video calling your friends or family.

The application is also quite reliable and does not have any major bugs.

Download: Tango

JusTalk – Free Video Calls and Fun Video Chat

JusTalk: The best video chat app

Here’s a fairly new video application which does what it’s supposed to do pretty well. You could place an HD video call to any one of your contacts who has the application installed on their device and the app does also support group video chat.

You could also doodle away on the screen while in a video call which makes the app great for when you need to talk to kids via video call.

Download: JusTalk – Free Video Calls and Fun Video Chat

imo free video calls and chat

imo is a free video calling and IM app for making international calls to friends and family for free. The app comes with enhanced data traffic usage efficiency to help you save data. All you need to do is log in with your phone number and connect with your friends and family instantly.

The app has a polished interface but you may not like the app for certain privacy issues. Otherwise, it is a preferable option for video calling.

Download: imo


Hangouts is another popular voice and video calling app that allows you to include upto 150 people over a conference call globally. It has been a reliable source for texting and video calling for a long time.

However, with so many options by your side, there are chances that you may end up being unsatisfied due to some minute flaws in the app. And it is definitely not impacted by the fact that the app really needs a redesign now.

Download: Hangout

YeeCall – HD Video Calls for Friends & Family

YeeCall Unblocked HD Video Call for Family and Friends

YeeCall isn’t as popular as many other applications on the list; however, the app does have a lot to offer. The application’s purpose is to provide the video calling experience to users who live in regions where most video calling services are blocked. Using the application does not require one to run a VPN application too if video calling is blocked in their region.

Users can also send and received messages via the application and the app even supports GIFs and stickers which are an added bonus.

Download: YeeCall – HD Video Calls for Friends & Family

Which one is your favorite video calling app? Can you ever get bored of the minimal UI and cool feature set of Google Duo?

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