How to send video messages on Google Duo without needing to call first

When Apple finally decided to add a front camera to the iPhone 4, it introduced a “revolutionary” video calling program called FaceTime, which connected Mac and iOS devices exclusively. While many video calling services have come and gone for Android too, none has been as fundamentally inclusive as Google Duo.

The latest feature of the Google Duo app is now challenging the dated voicemail feature that we’ve kept using for decades. You can now send video messages to your Google Duo contacts just as naturally as you’d send a voicemail, but far more intuitively.

How to send video messages using Google Duo

The feature is currently being rolled out for Android as well as iOS users worldwide, so all you need to do is update the Google Duo app or download the latest version to get video messaging feature.

Google Duo: Introducing video messages
  1. Call a contact just as you normally would be using the Google Duo app.
  2. When they don’t answer the call for 5 seconds, Leave video message will appear on the screen.
  3. Press the Record button to begin recording a video message which can be 30 seconds long.
  4. Press the Send button and your contact will able to see it the next time they open the Google Duo app.

How to send video messages without calling first

Replacing the dated voicemail with something more interactive and useful such as video messages makes total sense. However, you don’t necessarily have to make a call first to send out a video message using Google Duo.

  1. Swipe up from the home screen of the Google Duo app to view all your contacts.
  2. Scroll down to find the contact you want to send a video message to and press and hold on their name.
  3. From the pop-up window, select Send video message and press Record to begin the 30-second video clip.
  4. Once you’re ready, hit the Send button and the video message will be on its way.

Do you think Google Duo has finally reached the point where iOS users might even be ready to ditch FaceTime for it, or will FaceTime continue to rule over the sheeple?

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