Google Duo becomes the highest-rated communications app on the Play Store

The Google Duo app has reached 4.6 stars rating on the Play Store, and as per Justin Uberti, Google’s lead engineer for Google Duo, this makes it the highest-rated app among the popular communication apps on the Play Store, and the highest-rated Google app as well.

Google launched Google Duo and Google Allo at Google I/O last year, and while both the were great for their purpose, Allo never gained much popularity because of its huge competition with other text messaging apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger and others. But there was room for a quality video chat app on Play Store and Google managed to serve Google Duo as just the right app for the purpose.

A 4.6 star rating for an app installed on more than 100 million Android devices is no mean feat. Although 100 million installs of the Google Duo app is boosted by Google’s mandate to manufacturers for pre-installing the app on all new Android devices, it’s still a great achievement for the app to jump to 4.6 star rating, which no other Google app has managed to reach till date.

If you don’t have the Google Duo app installed on your device, get it from the Play Store link over here.

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