Google Duo to soon get a web app, group calls support and more

Google’s video and audio calling app, Duo, might be getting a new update soon that will give it some much-awaited features and improvements. Duo has become one of the most popular video calling apps available on both Android and iOS.

The search giant has been providing regular updates and improving the video quality of the app. Now, a lead engineer from the Duo team has confirmed that some new features are coming soon. Some of these new features include group calls, a web app, improved audio, and built-in support for Chrome OS.

TrueCaller now supports Google Duo video calling

We’re not sure which of these features will be available in the next update, but it’s nice to know that Google is working on making Duo even better. The lead engineer, Justin Uberti, recently tweeted a promotion message for the company’s Smart Displays and Duo video calls. And someone asked if Duo would get any of these features and Uberti replied in the affirmative.

Once again, there’s no telling when we’ll get these new features for Duo. It is also possible that Uberti may have been referring to only one or two features from the list. We will have to wait till Google releases a new update for Duo to see what’s new. But you can expect all of these features to be available at some point.

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