Truecaller Android App now supports Google Duo video calling

Truecaller has updated its Android app adding a couple of new features alongside a few fixes.

The most notable addition among the lot is support for Google Duo video calling from within the app. In other words, you video call your friends directly from the Truecaller app without opening Google’s dedicated Duo app.

For those who are not in the know, Truecaller joined forces with Google earlier and following its tie-up with the search engine giant, it made this feature available to iOS users only a couple of days ago.

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In addition to Duo integration, the Truecaller app has been optimized to reduce memory utilization (on the phone). The app size itself has also been reduced.

The update also adds SIM indicator to the caller ID to ensure you are making a call from the SIM card you intend to.

You can also paste a contact number directly onto the dial-pad now (less hassle). And lastly, the update brings fixes for the existing right-to-left language issues.

Download Truecaller app from Play Store

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