Truecaller 8 brings support for SMS spam blocking

Are you being constantly annoyed with spam phone calls and SMSs? You can now say goodbye to them with Truecaller 8, which now lets you block SMS spam too in addition to identifying and blocking calls.

Truecaller has been around for ages and it has proven to be super useful. Blocking all of those promotional calls ensures that you aren’t wasting your time or losing focus in your work life. The same functionality now comes to SMS with this update.

This isn’t exactly new to be honest, as this feature was exclusive to the Truemessenger app which has now been bundled with call blocking into the new Truecaller 8 app. The update will also allow you to block spam calls and SMS on dual sim smartphones.

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Truecaller boasts of having a spam list derived from a 250 million member community base. So there is a very high chance of finding the owner of an unknown number as Truecaller stores each user’s contact list.

As a note of precaution, do take care to see that your OTP messages for login or payment verification aren’t blocked. There are some people who block even those messages which in turn makes Truecaller think they are spam too. Download the Truecaller app from the link below to receive your fair share of peace.

→ Download Truecaller: Caller ID & Dialer

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  1. Is it true that truecaller collects and hoards contact info? I use it either ways but very unsettling to hear about apps taking undue advantage in the name of service.

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