Microsoft Bing app update brings improved search history and customized news feed

After pushing a big update to Bing app last month, Microsoft is currently sending a new update to the search app that brings new features and settings.

The dedicated search app update brings a customized news feed to the app. In the news feed, you can also check if the facts are verified.

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The update also improves the search history feature in the app. Now with the latest update, you can explore your search history separated by different categories such as web, image, video, and news.

In the Bing search app, users usually forget to close the opened tabs and thus with time they may end up with a number of opened tabs. To resolve this issue, the new update brings a new “Auto close” tabs feature where you can specify when the app should close tabs – whether after 30 minutes, 24 hours or when the app is closed.

Like any other app update, this one also brings speed improvements and under the hood performance updates. You should also expect bug fixes from the update.

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