Update to Bing Search Android app lets you save images and open new tabs with long press

The dedicated search app from Microsoft, the Bing search app has received a new update. The update besides bringing new features also comes with many improvements in the app.

Talking about new features, the updated Bing app now lets you open new tabs with long press gesture. Similarly, you can also save images, search for stuff and do a lot of more things on this app.

Further, you get a completely new search experience, thanks to the faster and clearer search results within the Bing search app.

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In addition to that, the app now allows you to scan barcodes directly from the Bing search widget. Besides scanning barcodes, you can use Bing search widget to read news headlines too.

As is the case with any update, expect bug fixes and under-the-hood performance improvements from the update.

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