Google Assistant for Smart displays announced, Lenovo already has one for you

Google Assistant Smart Displays

The Google Assistant is available on nearly all devices, be it phones, tablets, laptops, watches, TVs, headphones and even speakers, but the search giant isn’t stopping there.

At the CES 2018, Google has announced smart displays, which basically brings display screens to the smart speaker. Just like you can ask the Google Assistant some questions using a smart speaker, smart displays allows you to ask questions of the Assistant and get responses, but a screen is attached to show you some of the results.

As per the video (you can watch it at the bottom of the article), Google Assistant smart displays can show time, date, calendar, appointments, weather, recipes, YouTube, Google Photos, Maps, Music, Duo and Nest cam video feeds. With all these apps on board, you know what it means right? Unfortunately, Google doesn’t have its own smart display yet, but Lenovo does.

At the same CES 2018 event, the Chinese company is already showing off 8-inch and 10-inch Smart Displays that demonstrate how the Google Assistant works on smart screens. If you’ve had encounters with the Amazon Echo Show, well, this is what the Lenovo Smart Display resembles; only that it looks sleeker. It has most of it occupied by the touchscreen that houses the digital assistant.

The smaller device’s 8-inch screen has HD resolution and it comes with a light-gray finish while the 10-inch model has 1080p resolution and it’s mostly white with a wooden-like back panel. As you would expect, the smaller Lenovo Smart Display has a slightly smaller speaker compared to the bigger model, but both are 10W.

Other companies that are expected to follow in Lenovo’s footsteps are Sony, LG and JBL. As for Google, your guess is as good as ours.

Your Google Assistant: coming soon to smart displays
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