Best apps and games for the week [June 1, 2019]

Here’s our this week’s collection of the best new apps and games that were released recently. You will enjoy using the whole new set of apps in the coming month.

The Play Store has been re-stocked with some really cool functionality-based as well as engaging apps in the last week. Also, an interesting trend we have noticed is the number of apps focusing on mental health and general well being. Of course, you can also explore some of the new games that have hit the market.

We’ve found quite a few interesting apps and games for you this week. There are 5 new apps and 10 new games we have screened out for you. Check them out!

Best Apps of the week (June 1)

Here are the top Android apps for this week.

Video Status Maker

The premise of this app is simple. As the name suggests, this app lets you choose from a variety of templates to create a musical theme video using your pictures. The interface is fairly simple and all you need to do is select the theme and photos.

The app has tons of filters and soundtracks for different themes, so you do get a decent variety. We like that this app lets you experiment and create something customized for your loved ones with very little effort.

Download: Video Status Maker

Pixel Art – Free Color by Numbers Sandbox

It does take some time to figure things out with this coloring book app. But once you do, this could potentially become that go-to app when you need to take a chill. Select your choice of image and start working with the color palette to build some lovely art. It’s relaxing and the mechanical movement involved in filling the color is rather calming as well.

One aspect that will tick you off though are the ads that you need to watch to get to the image top open. Also, you need to pay for some images. The makers are very transparent about the ads though, so you’re aware of what you’re getting into. We recommend that you at least try this particular app for its therapeutic value.

Download: Pixel Art – Free Color by Numbers Sandbox

Video Downloader for Pinterest

Yes, we finally have a video downloader app for all the Pinterest addicts out there. The premise is simple, simply tap on Share/Send and copy the link of the video to the app. It will download the video and store it on your phone.

This is the very first version of the app, so don’t expect it to be totally flawless. However, if you are someone who uses Pinterest majorly for videos and would prefer to have them offline as well, this downloader app one is a really good start.

Download: Video Downloader for Pinterest

Sleep Sounds

If you are someone who struggles with insomnia, anxiety or is simply stressed out in general, this app is just a download away. We love this particular app for the versatility it offers. From melodies to city sounds, this app caters to different tastes and age groups.

Another cool thing about Sleep Sounds is that it lets you create your own customized list of sounds. From simple aesthetics to great functionality, this app does a great job with calming the user.

Download: Sleep Sounds

Weather – The Most Accurate Weather App

Whether you travel a lot or are simply planning your next vacation in a different country, this app can be a real lifesaver. Its beauty lies in how comprehensive it is. This app provides information on real-time temperatures, storm alerts, rainfall, snow, humidity, pressure, wind force, and wind direction.

You can track the weather in multiple locations and get a forecast for 10 days in advance so you are not caught off-guard by biting cold or simmering heat depending on where you’re going. Also, the clean interface of this app makes it very easy to get the information you need.

Download: Weather – The Most Accurate Weather App

Best Games

Leisure Classic Solitaire

Here are the top Android games for this week.

Keep in mind that the game itself is really basic. Also, we are aware that there are other competitive Classic Solitaire apps out there with probably a better interface and more customizable options as well. But the fancier the app, the more you’re going to be bombarded with ads unless you pay for the app.

Here’s the thing, Solitaire is about moving cards and getting it right as few moves as possible. You will really appreciate this app for being super functional and without-ads, especially when you need another chance.

Download: Leisure Classic Solitaire

Myth of Sword

Myth of sword

Once you customize your character and start the game, it will be rather difficult to stop. The Myth of Sword has smooth gameplay, decent graphics, and massive power-ups that are worth staying for and solving a quest or two.

We especially like this game because it does not make you pay for the power-ups, you can still purchase upgrades, but you can also get them by playing the game. Good action and great RPG experience if you’re hunting for something fun to do with your phone.

Download: Myth of Sword

Impossible Tricky Motobike Race Crazy Adventure

Impossible Tricky Motobike Race Crazy Adventure

This game is a really pleasant surprise for us. The biggest issue of racing games is that we take a while to acclimatize to the controls of the car/bike before we can truly achieve something. This game is not about any of that drama. Your bike has been given enough controls to help you maneuver it.

The terrains and challenges demand acknowledgment for how ingeniously they are set. It’s a game that knows how to invoke emotions well. You will start with apprehension and move on to feeling the exhilaration and thrill very quickly.

Download: Impossible Tricky Motobike Race Crazy Adventure

Virtual Truck Manager – Tycoon trucking company

Virtual Truck Manager – Tycoon trucking company

There is a certain deficit of good simulation games on Play Store. Indeed, Virtual Truck Manager is a great option which came with customization and management. You need to make decisions that will help you run your business successfully.

This game is probably the closest you will come to managing your own fleet for fun. Things can get pretty intense in the game because you still have to think and strategize ways to save/improve your business.

Download: Virtual Truck Manager

Angelic Kisses: Romance Otome Game

Angelic Kisses is simply a new story and setup created to feed the massive addiction and demand for these story-based games. The way this game indulges one’s need for customized romance is the equivalent of how readers look forward to Mills and Boons, but better.

Users want the same foundation of a damsel-in-distress concept, except that she is distressed in different settings and slightly altered plotlines. Angelic Kisses certainly offers those in plenty so if you like romance, go for it.

Download: Angelic Kisses

Zombie Night Terror

This strategy action game allows you to control and create zombies. The whole game revolves around a zombie apocalypse started by you and the pixel animation creates exceptional gameplay that you won’t be able to take your eyes off.
Yes, you will have to pay an amount but that is the price to pay for an ad-free seamless gaming experience on your smartphone. If you do decide to spend on this game, it will be worth it.

Download: Zombie Night Terror

Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap

It is usually pretty difficult to adapt a console game to mobile, the lack of controller and shift to touchscreen usually contribute to the downfall of the app version of most PC/console games (remember Fortnite?). But user reaction to the touch controls of Wonder Boy has been overwhelmingly positive.

Another aspect that makes this game so worthwhile is the hand-drawn animation that creates the setting for this Metroidvania style game. So yes, the price may be steep for an app but this game is available at a discount that could make you reconsider.

Download: Wonder Boy

Ritual: Sorcerer Angel

The rich colors and intense gameplay make this pinball style game a hit for us. We like how well thought-out Hexage gamers are. If you like aesthetics focused games, then Ritual will be right up your alley.

Keep in mind that the whole plot revolves around revenge and you will get to slay different types of monsters and other creatures. Users also love this game for how intuitive it is.

Download: Ritual


The basic premise of KIDS is that it allows you to move with and against crowds until it disappears entirely. It’s very unsettling and dark gameplay that lasts between 15-30 minutes.

This game has a way of imposing one thought over and over again through minimal but deeply impactful art. If you like an odd experience once in a while, try this game.

Download: KIDS

Beyond Our Lives

Beyond Our Lives offers an exciting narrative and investigative adventure game set in Tuscany, between the past and present. This adventure and investigation based game explores over 15 locations which include Chiusi, Volterra, Populonia, Vetulonia, and their surroundings.

We would also recommend playing this game to enjoy the lovely music composed by the Polish musician Arkadiusz Reikowski.

Download: Beyond Our Lives

We know this is quite an unusual set of apps compared to the earlier ones that focus on action, adventure and personalization apps as popular themes. But there are many popular genres and games that remain fairly closeted because of their unconventional nature. Keep an open mind and you just might discover something new and unique that will surprise you.

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