Best apps and games for the week [May 25, 2019]

The Play Store is constantly being updated with some brilliant apps and games.

From privacy protecting browsers to high action games, the recent releases are a reflection of changing priorities for app makers. Our phones are extremely powerful devices that are always going to be put to test. It’s going to be exciting to see how they do with these new set of apps that have come on top this week.

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Best apps of the week (May 25)

Walldrobe Wallpapers

If you love Unsplash or are a user yourself, this app will be a delightful experience. Unsplash is a website where generous photographers submit high-resolution photos which you can use for free. This app basically picks out the best ones in the set and allows you to use it as a wallpaper or even download it. It’s pretty easy to use and you can customize your app preferences more comprehensively than some other wallpaper apps.

Download: Walldrobe Wallpapers

Via Browser

One of the most refreshing aspects of this browser is its minimalism. There is absolutely no clutter like a busy news feed and ads that we have to put up with in many other browsers. Go for this app if you want to save on battery and love customizing your settings. This lite browser comes with the benefits of great performance and storage management without compromising on the features (add-ons, cache control, night mode etc) that are provided by popular browsers.

Download: Via Browser

Tor Browser

How Tor Browser Protects Your Privacy and Identity Online

Tor Browser conceals your digital footprint and ensures that you get the privacy that you’re entitled to on the internet. The browser does not function with the intention of delivering great features or unique browsing experience. It’s pretty functional and basic but it will ensure as much privacy as you can get when you venture into the World Wide Web. The Tor Project is constantly working to stabilize the app and improve its user experience. Use this app if you want to support The Tor Project and their objective of providing a safe browsing experience.

Download: Tor Browser

Firefox ScreenshotGo

One of the biggest drawbacks about our phone’s gallery is the difficulty we face when we need to find screenshots. That’s where Firefox ScreenshotGo comes in. You can input a keyword in this app and it will find the necessary screenshot for you. You can also organize your screenshots in separate folders. This app also comes with a cool feature called Take Action on Text which enables you to copy-paste content from a screenshot effortlessly. Give this try if you are someone who works with a lot of screenshots.

Download: Firefox ScreenshotGo


This app has some great features and is extremely intuitive. We like how this app gives information about the lighting available at different timings of the day for a location. You can test out the different filters and play with the focus settings to get what you’re looking for. Keep in mind that not all the features come unlocked with this phone. You’ll need to pay for complete access to all the features and settings.

Download: Pixtica

Best games of the week (May 25)

Call of Duty: Mobile

Official Call of Duty®: Mobile

We cannot be sure how this game is going to turn out on Mobile but you can pre-register for its limited-scale closed Beta test if you want to enjoy early access. The mobile game promises to be very comprehensive with an inclusion of the popular game modes, customization of your loadouts and multiplayer competition. All will be revealed once users try and review this game.

Download: Call of Duty: Mobile

Angry Birds POP 2: Bubble Shooter

Angry Birds POP 2: Bubble Shooter Adventure!

If you like bubble shooting gameplay, this is one game you will thoroughly enjoy. Basically, one bird and one pig character team up to save the hatchlings and baby pigs. It’s a fun and cute concept that’s been coupled with popular game characters. The game is still facing a few glitches and lags but it’s pretty addictive and we’re sure the makers will update the game to fix these issues.

Download: Angry Birds POP 2: Bubble Shooter

The Eyes of Ara

The Eyes of Ara - Google Play

The Eyes of Ara is a beautiful and well-thought-out stunning puzzle adventure set in a 3D environment. You will explore a vast, ancient castle with secret vaults and hidden rooms. Solve the puzzles, uncover lost treasures, and enjoy as the mystery unravels in this intuitively immersive game.

Download: The Eyes of Ara ($4.99)

Dumb Ways To Draw

Dumb Ways to Draw

Protect your character from catastrophic consequences by drawing a path and leading them to the end of each level. It’s extremely fun and you will enjoy using the pencil to use carve out a path for Clumsy Beans. The game has a pretty simple interface and nice graphics so you can enjoy the concept of the game without having to make super complicated maneuvers. The only way to win is to figure out the puzzle with your head.

Download: Dumb Ways To Draw

Pokémon Rumble Rush

Pokemon Rumble Rush _Official Trailer For Android

If you’re looking for fast-paced gameplay, Pokemon Rumble Rush is actually a great choice. You’ll have to control your Pokémon and clear stages by moving forward. Engage in battle with enemy Pokémon and upgrade your Pokémon to earn points and proceed in the game. We think you will enjoy this game even if you’re not a Pokemon fan.

Download: Pokémon Rumble Rush

Quite an interesting list of apps and games right? Do try them out and let us know your favorites in the comments.

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