Google Instant Search Android iOS

Google Instant Search Tech now Available on Android 2.2 too!

WiFi Direct Samsung Galxy S

Samsung Galaxy S gets the Wifi Direct Certification – Becomes the First Smartphone!


T-Mobile myTouch 4G Getting Update After Just 1 day of Launch

Droid 2 Price Reduced

Droid 2 Price Reduced, Now Available for $149

Sony PlayStation Phone gets More Pics and Specs highlighted

Paid Apps Appear in Local Currency (Rs) in India [Android Market]

Droid Incredible Quick Boot Mode

Fastest Boot Ever on an Android Phone [HTC Droid Incredible]

Motorola Droid 2

Android Phone Might get You 3D Experience w/o Glasses, Sometime Next year!

Droid X Froyo Update

Droid X getting Froyo in ‘Early September”?

bing android app

Bing App for Android, Coming Soon. Who wants it?

Nexus One

No Plans for Nexus Two. Job already done, Says Google CEO Eric Schmidt

Samsung Dive

Samsung Dive Unplugged on the Galaxy S, Enhances Security Features.

Samsung Vibrant for $199.99 with 2 year contract

Samsung Vibrant to Launch on July 21 with T-Mobile for $199

Sales Girl shows Samsung Galaxy S

Samsung to Launch Galaxy S in Korea with SK Telecom on Friday, June 25

Sprint HTC EVO 4G

Was that a Marketing Stunt then, Sprint?

Motorola Droid selling hot

Unabsorbed demand in Android market…. Interesting.