Sony PlayStation Phone gets More Pics and Specs highlighted

If you’re an android wannabe with overwhelming Gamer Instincts, the Sony PlayStation Phone is probably the best thing happening for you in the tech world.

The phone, reported to be codenamed as Zeus, was initially rumored to come preloaded with Android’s Version 2.3, Gingerbread but the latest shots — that came in the hold of Engadget guys — reveal that the phone (the prototype!) was running Froyo indeed.

Moreover, the gaming phone by Sony was also supposed to pack 1GB internal memory as against the 512MB RAM (quite meagre for a gaming phone) spotted in the latest leaks. Oh, there is a sort of confirmation that the device sports a 8GB SD card out of the box.

So there is some serious hope that once the prototype game is over and when the real device (with real specs) comes to limelight we do get our most wanted features in the Zeus (or whatever it’s called when it hits the market). These will at the very least include Gingerbread: for improved game performances and support for higher end graphics, presumably never seen on android; and 1GB internal memory: so that we’re never short of space while get the load of best titles of Sony on dear android phone.

BTW, looking at the pics, it’s not hard to figure out that the phone will not be slim. indeed, you can expect it to be around 17 mm thick, supposedly as a twin to PSP Go.

SO, are you all IN for the Sony’s latest adventure with android? Do you really believe that the android’s next version got what it needs to be an awesome gaming supported platform with unseen graphics and wide support? And, where does it put the gaming oriented dual core Tegra 2 processor by NVidia rumored to be used in the upcoming Motorola phone — which is very silently passing the production stages?

Sony Playstation Phone Zeus

Sony Playstation Phone

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