Android Phone Might get You 3D Experience w/o Glasses, Sometime Next year!

Motorola Droid 2

3D TVS are still busting their guts to become people’s fav television, but the need to wear special glasses is really shying people off. The public outcry is already demanding glass-free 3D experience which seems quite inevitable now for 3D tech, become a household success.

We know TVs will get there sometime, but what comes as a surprise is that as soon as in year 2011 (maybe 2nd or 3rd quarter), android phones might be rendering 3D w/o glasses. Well, that obviously sounds exaggerated, until you see it in real or in video (below).

The video was shot at the GTC 2010 show, where a video game UI company, Scaleform used a prototype device running on android and powered by unknown Tegra processor, really rendered 3D graphics w/o asking the audience to wear any special glasses. The prototype gadget, for what it’s worth, was built by MasterImage and nVidia together (it seems nVidia is finally catching fast with the android, although very indirectly).

Given the fact that Motorola is keen on using the nVidia’s Tegra processors for their next Droid device slated for this fall, do you think that next-to-next droid device (we’re sure it’s destined to come) might actually render glass-free 3D experience, if this partnership takes off well? Ah! that would be a big guess but we simply can’t stop from hoping. Right?

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