Fastest Boot Ever on an Android Phone [HTC Droid Incredible]

Droid Incredible Quick Boot Mode

It’s hard to believe the boot up time of a tweaked Droid Incredible which spans just 2 seconds. Normally we’ve to wait for a minute or two for our android buddy to start rolling over. But never say never, for there are hacks that always bring up the amazingly crazy stuff every another day.

Things go back to last week’s HTC event in UK, where the company showcased a new feature called the Quick Boot mode while introducing its new handsets, Desire HD and Desire Z. The feature which was largely overshadowed but now what it looks like, was quietly noticed by someone and indeed brought to HTC Droid Incredible.

Obviously, the natural place on the Internet for all such cool stuff is the XDA Forums. And that’s where you better follow this latest hack, to check out download instructions, more details, changelog, user opinions, etc etc. And in case you’ve made up your mind to bring the latest feature home, be aware that you Droid Incredible need to be rooted for that. Also, the ROM is still buggy.

Apparently, the hack actually puts the phone in some kind of a sleep mode to allow it to boot up in just 3 seconds. That means that the phone is not completely switch off — well, that’s why it’s called the Quick Boot Mode — but it all looks very nice. We hope HTC brings it to all former android devices of it too, since we now know that this is all about software.

Via Droid-Life

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