Droid X getting Froyo in ‘Early September”?

Droid X Froyo Update

We know that droid users had a great inferiority complexion when Nexus one was launched. Moreover, Motorola Droid being the most popular and most sold android device till date, obviously became the No. 1 contender to demand Android 2.1 (that time exclusive to nexus One) and Droid users left to place untouched on Internet in expressing (rather forcing) their first right (or say birth right) on Android 2.1. We witnessed it and we loved this too, right.

Enters Motorola Droid X. Now how could anyone dare to even think that Droid X users will have all the patience on earth to wait for Froyo. They are crawling each web page with the combination of ‘Froyo+Droid+X’ and have already created hyper pressure on the duo of Motorola and Verizon to come up with Android”s 2.2 version as soon as possible.

Well, it has brought some reward in confirmation from Motorola, although very very indirectly. A Moto employee, while replying at the support forums of Droid X, has indicated that the Froyo is scheduled for launch in early September, which means it’s only one month away now. Of course, that’s only if you want it totally official. Since without collar Froyo is already roaming around in the forums.

Let’s see what early September means to Moto employees and whether they are able to stick with their word in the forums. We shall? And we’re hoping hoping Samsung has some aces up their sleeves too, if it does not want to lag too behind with its Galaxy S sets.

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Via Android Central

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