No Plans for Nexus Two. Job already done, Says Google CEO Eric Schmidt

Nexus One

Oh, that hurts. Its painful but it’s true now. In an interview to Telegraph, Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt blew it all while convincing users that Google can be trusted for security of data. The Google chief held that Nexus One did its job, so there is no need for its successor.

Schmidt did not stop from saying that Google was criticized way too much for lower sales of Nexus One. He further said that the idea before the Board at year and half before was to push the hardware capabilities of android phones forward. That was the reason behind the birth of Nexus One. And we know, beloved Nexus One really did it.

But the public and the media sometimes gets evil, when too much is made out of nothing. Even for a company like Google, which believes in ‘Don’t be Evil’, that was enough, it seems. Are we sobbing our hearts out? Maybe. Guys, we really hope we are all the way wrong here.

But hey, we know how much Nexus One contributed in taking Android to the place it is today. Not to forget, Motorola Droid helped in a substantial way. Nexus One helped in changing user’s opinion and taking Android experience with Version 2.1 to next level. The boom in Android actually started only after Google said it plans to launch a phone too.

Early rumors indicated that Google might follow up its nexus series with an enterprise phone which will feature a QWERTY keyboard in physical form but that all seems ‘in dreams’ now. Surely, it leaves us with empty stomach. After all, we all loved Nexus One, like we love Motorola Droid.

Let’s hope Google calls the Nexus brand back when required. Hope that when in need, Nexus two will be there to take Android to the desired level. Lets think of Nexus series as a savior series, to be called in hard times of need, of desperation. That”s actually fine. No?

Maybe, we will be able to grow up with this, thanks to exponential growth in Android made possible by Nexus One and a flurry of phones with super processors and big screens that followed it, making Android proud, every day. Hello Droid X!

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