[Rumor] Galaxy S8 price could be 6988 RMB ($999) in China

While we have received tonnes of information regarding leaks and specs of the device. Surprisingly enough, even with the release date of the device closing in we have little to no information regarding the pricing structure for the S8 variants.

The notorious twitter tipster who goes by the handle @ddmj_china recently posted a tweet saying that the price of the Samsung S8 could very well be 6×88 RMB (which we guess would be 6988 RMB) or $999 which means that the S8 plus would definitely be north of the $1000 price tag. What a time to be alive indeed.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will be the first device to introduce the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset and Exynos 9. While everyone seems to have had enough with the specs of the S8 leaking all across the internet, the bezel-less display by Samsung still excites us with every new peak we can get.

Although Samsung’s following is growing by the day, the Korean tech giant might have a hard time justifying the price-tag to its consumers when its competitors like LG and HTC also offer an almost same experience and are already available on market. Will Samsung’s banking on their ‘S’ series and sky-high prices backfire or will the company yet again defy all odds and surpass the S7 Edge? Feel free to share your thoughts down below.

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