Google Instant Search Tech now Available on Android 2.2 too!

Google Instant Search Android iOS

If you’re using Android 2.2, you should be able to spot a new feature on the Google’s homepage. We’re talking about the Google Instant search tech that’s now been added to devices running Froyo, or iOS 4. Just hit the ‘Turn On’ to experience it on your phone.

The feature is still in beta form and can be expected to be available for platforms too, including blackberry, symbian, other android versions, etc but there is no date or official statement from Google to guide you here. Anyway, it’s not a big addition that other OS users are gonna miss hard –, and we still love Google Search the same way we did before, with or without instant tech — No?

So, does it result in ending a long wait or it’s just a new experience typo? Let us know.

Via Engadget

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