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WiFi@Home Android App: Switch Off/On WiFi Automatically When Home and Not. Great Little Utility!

Videocam Illusion Android App: Get your Favorite Special Photo Effects in Video Too!

Art of Glow Android App: Easily Create Amazing Glowing Wallpapers for Your Phone!

CircleLauncher Android App: Launch Apps and Dial Contacts Fast, Easy and Stylish Way!

Kid Coloring & Kid Paint Android App: Keep Kids Busy and Entertained the Easiest Way!

Get Cool Animations on Your Android Phone with Anim Mod Root Android App. Costs $0.99

My Schedule Android App: Make the most of that Special Notification Bar for your Calendar Needs

Harass Me Android App: Let Important and Emergency Calls Ring Even in Silent Mode

Tap Dialer Android App: Is it the Quickest way to Dial Phone Numbers?

File Expert Android App: Best File Manager on Android!

BytNotes Android App: Get Reminder Notes Before you Pick Up the Call

$10 costing RunKeeper Pro Android App is available for FREE!

Android Apps Gardening

Best Android Apps for Gardening

Appkik Android App: One app to manage all other apps installed on your Phone

Screen Filter

Screen Filter Android App: Best App to Decrease Brightness more than Phone’s Default Settings. Works on Galaxy S too!

Best Download Manager For Android

9 Awesome Download Managers for Android [UPDATED]