Appkik Android App: One app to manage all other apps installed on your Phone

Get control of apps installed on your phone with Appkik Android App and enjoy the world of appiness without worrying!

Appkik android app is an App manager and a task killer for your android phone. You can take backups and restore apps with a single click. And if you’re on Android 2.2 or later Android versions, then you can also move apps to SD Card (to save internal memory) with the help of this app.

Appkik has a task killer feature to kill apps that run in background and consumes battery & memory. Task killers can be necessary for low end phones. But if you own a high end phone with 1GHZ+ processor then you really shouldn’t care about task killers as your phone has enough power to handle those background activities.

The Appkik app can also connect with your facebook and twitter accounts, so that you can tell your friends about apps you use or like.

An app’s user interface (UI) is what that makes it standout when a plenty of other apps serve the similar purpose. And that’s where Appkik scores — it has cool UI, it’s very simple to use, and has some nice animations as well.

Scan to download Appkik Android AppVersion: 1.0.3

Cost: Free

Size: 1327 kb

Compatibility: all Android versions

Download link for Mobile.

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