BytNotes Android App: Get Reminder Notes Before you Pick Up the Call

Android BytNotes

Make notes and attach them to specific contacts using the BytNotes android app. Now, whenever that person calls you, the note will pop-up reminding you of your business with the contact. Pretty neat and helpful, right?

Android market has already gone past 200,000 apps and no wonder we are seeing some (or many!) amazing apps too. One such app I found today is BytNotes, which is very simple in concept but an amazing utility in day-to-day life.

BytNotes lets you create a note which is then attached to the specified contact. Like, you can create a note that your friend is expecting you for a movie at 9:00 p.m. and attach it in the contacts.

Now when your friend gives you call anytime, a note will appear on the screen reminding you of the movie plan — you can choose to pick the call up or let it destined to missed call directory.

That way, you can save yourself getting caught off-guard as you you can prepare in advance. You can always call back when you’re ready. Awesome, right?

Same way, BytNotes can save your life from serial-stalker girlfriend, always-worried parents, and little demands from the smallest of humans in your house. When you know what’s up with the person at the other hand, it really helps.

BytNotes Trial (free version of the app), is also available which lets you try the app in a limited manner — only one contact can be used to attached a note at a time. There is no limitation to reminders, though.

BytNotes is available for $0.97 in android market — which isn’t insane and is well worth even if you are good at remembering stuff — it may still help a couple of times, you know, critical times.

BytNotes (costing $0.97):

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  1. I love caller ID apps! Keep em coming. Another one I use is NameBuzz (know who’s calling without taking your phone out of your pocket through vibrations OR speech)

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