JifiCal by Samsung now supports Android N

Akin to Google Assistant, that uses voice to create a reminder, JifiCal also uses the natural voice to create a calendar event. No, we please don’t compare little Jifical to Assistant just because they have one job in common. However, unlike Assistant, JifiCal is a standalone app from Samsung to create reminders that relies on native calendar app on Samsung devices to do its job.

The productivity app from Samsung, JifiCal, manages your calendar app in the most natural way. While it understands the natural human language, it also extracts data from your text conversations to create a calendar request.

Earlier, JifiCal was only available for devices having Android Marshmallow or below, however, the intelligent and friendly app, in its latest update brings the much-awaited Android N support. Hurrah!!!

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Recently, Google also announced that Assistant will now be available for all Android Marshmallow and Nougat Devices.

JifiCal understands places, people, activity in addition to time, meaning you can create a calendar event by mentioning any of the said things.

→ Download JifiCal (Only for Samsung devices)