Google Assistant to make its way to other Android smartphones

The Google Assistant is finally making its way to non-Pixel devices. After launching as a Google Pixel exclusive five months ago, the rest of us mortal Android users looked on with envy at Pixel owners worldwide.

And no, I’m not talking about those of you who have root or custom ROMs through which the Google Assistant could be ported. I’m talking about the normal smartphone user who’s left with a melancholy echo of “OK Google” on the “normal” Google app. We’ve got confirmation from the tech Giant itself, so no worries on this being a rumor.

The Google Assistant isn’t your standard AI, as it listens to the context of your queries to have intelligent conversations with you. No, not philosophical discussions, but queries which follow through a conversation. For example, booking a taxi to a football game and eating at a restaurant near the stadium after the game. Yep, the Google Assistant does just that to the point.

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In other words, the Google Assistant is more personal. The recently announced Nokia smartphones are probably the first non-Pixel devices to feature the new Assistant.

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