Google Assistant will soon support Korean language, says LG

The LG G6 is the first non Google smartphone to feature the Google Assistant baked into the software. And according to a new report, Google may soon add Korean language support for the Assistant.

Because Korea is LG’s home country, the company has been working with Google to make the Google Assistant available in Korean. This would make it easier for the users in Korea who plan on purchasing the LG G6.

As of now, the Google Assistant is only available in English and German languages. Of course, Google will certainly add support for more languages. However, LG is making a push to support Korean first, before other international languages. LG is also set to open around 3,000 experience zones in Korea.

Google Assistant is similar to Siri on the iPhone, it allows the user to set reminders, create tasks, ask questions and receive answers, and a lot more. It also has a little bit of personality, as in you can have a human-like conversation with it. It can also connect to and control Google Home and Chromecast.

via MK News


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