LG will setup G6 experience zone in 3000 stores in Korea

The LG G6 was officially announced at MWC yesterday and it is a true flagship. LG has gone with a completely new design for the G6 and included some very high-end specs. And to make sure the customers know what they’re buying, LG plans to open G6 experience zones at over 3,000 stores in Korea.

Most of the rumors, leaks and reports turned out to be true with the LG G6. Still, there is a difference between what the phone has on paper versus what it’s like to be used on a daily basis. An experience zone will show users what the latter is like.

These experience zones would basically explain the features of the LG G6 to potential customers. It would also have commercials about the phone and showcase its metal design, water resistance, and more.

According to Lee Sang-gyu, the head of LG Electronics Korea Mobile Group, a lot of customers have already shown interest on the LG G6. As of now, we do not know the pricing details for the G6, but it should be available by the 2nd week of March.

via CNET Korea

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