Videocam Illusion Android App: Get your Favorite Special Photo Effects in Video Too!

Android Videocam illusion

If you’re looking for an android app that can record videos with special effects (one which you apply to a photo), look no further than the VideoCam Illusion android app, whose Free version is quite feature rich and great but the paid version, costing $2.73, is one beast of an app!

There have been a lot of photo editor apps that would let you tweak a photo in variety of ways, but when it comes to tweaking a video or indeed, recording a video in a different mode than normal, there are not too many apps available to us right now. As far as we know (and also as per developer’s claims), Videocam Illusion is the only android app with which you can record a video with special effects. And boy, there are too many options to play with even in the Free version — which is a solid hint that this app is gonna become a must have and favorite and one of the most regular app of yours, us, and other users.

Market Description (Extracts):-

Combine filters, effects and masks to create amazing videos without an editing software.
You can even save your favorite combinations of effects and change while you’re recording, creating original movies.

+ 4 filters: mono, pencil, thermal & x-ray.
+ 4 effects: fat, mosaic, light tunnel & pinch.
+ 2 masks: cork board & bricks.
+ 2 recording speeds: normal & fast
+ Upload your videos: Youtube, GMail, Dropbox, …
+ 2 memories for storing your favorite combos.
+ Change the effects while recording.
+ Upgrade to Videocam illusion Pro and get new features.

+ Videos are stored on the SD card, inside the folder “Videocamillusion”
+ If the recording does not go very smooth try lowering the video resolution (in the Settings menu)
+ You can also play the recorded videos on a PC/MAC using QuickTime Player, Windows Media Player or VideoLAN
+ Touch the screen to autofocus
+ Press the volume keys to change the selected combo

There is lot of riding on the features of the VideoCam illusion. Tweak your ways and discover the one that fits your need most. Play with the Pencil mode (in filters) — which is my favorite mode, by the way — and combine one effect with other(s) to re-create your environment.

Share with us your favorite combination of recording settings as also the videos itself using such settings.

Download the VideoCam Illusion application for Free from the android market by scanning the QR Code below using the barcode scanner app or if you’re on phone, hit the link below.

Download Videocam illusion

Android Market Link

VideoCam Illusion Pro ($2.73)

Those of you who want even more features and are ready to spend $2.73 should take a good look at the Pro Version of the App, which packs in many more nifty features.

Videocam illusion Pro Android App Android Videocam illusion Pro

Market Description (Extracts) of Paid version:

+ 18 filters: mono, negative, sepia, aqua, old photo, pencil, chalk, emboss, lomo, thermal, ascii art, comic, x-ray, oil, black & white, red channel, green channel & blue channel.
+ 13 effects: thin, fat, tall, short, horizontal/vertical mirror, pixelization, fisheye, mosaic, light tunnel, pinch, twirl & rough glass.
+ 6 masks: frame, cork board, monitor, bricks, negative film & landscape.
+ 5 recording speeds: very slow, slow, normal, fast & very fast.
+ 3 memories for storing your favorite combos

To BUY the VideoCam Illusion Pro application from Android Market, use the QR Code below with the barcode scanner app or if you’re on phone, hit the link below.

Download Videocam illusion Pro

Android Market Link

So, don’t forget to share your favorite combination of settings with us and the videos you made out of them. The best one will get featured in this space, for sure!

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