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Doodle Bowling

Doodle Bowling Android Game

All of us love a game of bowling anytime of the day and all of you have not played its time to learn some tricks. Now bowling is available in your android smartphone thanks to Game Resort. Doodle bowling is full fledged bowling game with realistic physics and scoring and is sure to test your bowling skills. It has all the ingredients of a traditional bowling with strikes, spare and even gutterball included. This cool new bowling games comes with 14 funky themes ranging from doodle, arcade, chalk cardboard to underwater and outerspace. You earn one credit per game of bowling which can later be used to unlock these new theme tabs. Its latest version is 1.2 which supports all android version from 2.1 and higher. So whose ready to hit nine pins?

Download Doodle Bowling

Call and SMS filter

Call & SMS filter Call & SMS filter Android Call & SMS filter

Call and SMS filter truly filters all unwanted calls and messages keeping your android as personal as you want. It gives you options of responding to blocked number like give a busy signal or even divert call to a new number. Further you can also check blocked SMS and call record. Its latest version is 1.38 which works in all androids and also supports App2SD.Heres a gist of what it does

-Import contacts/call logs/SMS into block list or add a custom number
-Choose block scenario and mode (choose block none when you don’t want to block any calls or messages)
-Block SMS & incoming calls
-Block unknown numbers or private calls (no numbers, no caller id)
-Check Blocked SMS and call records
-Turn on/off notification when SMS or call blocked
-Notify caller/sender option: auto response with message when SMS or call blocked
-Add custom number with different match mode (exactly, start with)
-Three options for drop a call: turn your phone in silence mode or end call or connected once (will not forward to voice mail)
-Restore blocked messages to SMS index box
-Password protection
-Private space: send/receive messages related with private numbers

Download Call & SMS Filter

Galaxy Tuner

Galaxy Tuner Galaxy Tuner App Galaxy Tuner Android App

If you have a Galaxy with a Froyo version this is the application for you. Galaxy tuner is a app which has been specifically made for enhancing features of all Galaxy variants.

1. IO scheduler changeger
– CFQ <-> deadline
2. LCD color adjustment.
– This can be helpful to adjust so blue or yellow LCD.
3. Sound (3D, Hardware Equalizer)
– It affect all system sound (music, video, radio..)
– When you are hearing the music, As soon as changing the parameter, you hear different sound.
4. Memory Manager
– Because It is controlled by kernel and android framework, It is more powerfull and efficient.
5. Over Clock (1.2Ghz)
6. Firmware(kernel) writing
7. use with unrooted state
8. Bad block check for ext file system
9. Key(Button) remapping
10. touch gesture
11. Orientation Fix (Landscape mode)

Download Galaxy Tuner

Sword Requiem

Sword Requiem Lite Android Game

Now an android smartphone can take you to back to medieval times, seriously. Sword Requiem is a strategy game which takes place in the medieval era-a time of swords and sorcery. The plot of this game is the journey of the hero through tough times. Unlike other RPG games this one is full of a lot mysteries and suprises. Time to say “open sesame”

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Tower Raiders 2 BETA

Tower Raiders 2 BETA Tower Raiders 2 BETA Android Game

Get ready to command human defense forces again in this sequel of tower raider. Developed by Gianormous games tower raidar is was one of the best defence games I have played so far and as I have heard this one is better than the first. In Tower raiders the mission is to fight with aliens to defend 20 power crystals which the aliens want at any rate. So you have to fight waves of enemies by using canons, turrets and laser strategically placed. Further when the fighter planes arrive it is no less than a full fledged war. In this sequel they have improved the graphics of enemies and weapons and have add more difficult and challenging missions than before. The only problem is this is a Beta test and so the difficulty may be far too easy, far too hard or the game may crash Though the free version of Tower Raider2 has only 5 levels the full game is to be released soon but there is no release date yet.

Download Tower Raiders 2 BETA

Super Box

Super Box (10 tools in 1 app Super Box (10 tools in 1 app) 2 Super Box (10 tools in 1 app)3

This latest tool for android phones gives you 10 tools in just this one apps. These 10 tools help you in managing, tweaking and viewing stuff on your android device.One of the tools help you to check the life of your battery in case of talk time, audio time, video time etc. Not only this, you will also get to know the health and the temperature of the battery. Here is a look at all the tools that are available in this multi tool box:

  • Memory/Cpu
  • Battery info
  • App installer
  • Uninstaller
  • App2SD
  • Cache Cleaner
  • Task Killer
  • Settings
  • File Manager
  • App safeguard

Download Super Box

Pinball Deluxe

Pinball Deluxe Android Game

Pinball Deluxe 1 Pinball Deluxe 2 Pinball Deluxe 3

Pinball Deluxe is the latest pinball game to hit the android market and is already deemed to be the best pinball game ever available in Android. The graphics of this latest game on the block is mind blowing. After playing this game the only thing I could say was “wow” in capital. Geting down to the features of this game, it has very precise physics and three different tables( Carnival, Space and Underwater) are available which are very unique in themselves. The extra zing has been added to this pinball by creatively using all the features of this game for a better pinball experience while at the same time maintaining original pinball elements like nudges, ball capture, multi balls. Now all you require to play this game is a Android device of 2.1 version and it will work in a device of 240×320 resolution but we recommend a 320×480 resolution to better enjoy the game

Download Pinball Deluxe

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