Top Android Apps [Feb 23, 2011]

Ring Magic

Ring Magic screen2

Well this one is for people like me who keep on changing their ringtone every other day. Ring Magic gives you the option of choosing your ringtone from millions of popular mp3 ringtones and sounds and that too for free. So now you can share ring tones with your friend, assign different rings to different contact and have a new ring tone everyday. What’s more you can even create your very own ringtone from millions of mp3 sound files. Here are the features

*Play the audio file.
*Make you owner ringtone.
*Set as alarm.
*Set as notification.
*Set as ringtone.
*Set as contact ringtone supported.

Its latest version is 1.04 which is supported by all Android versions.

Download Ring Magic

gApps Launcher


If you are unable to get all apps in one single place then gApps Launcher will be a great help to you. With gApps Launcher you can jin all applications and web services of Google in a single widget. This widget is available in three different sizes-2×1, 2×2 a,d 4×1 and you can choose from a black or transparent background.. Further this apps also gives you the option of choose the method you prefer for each application. Pretty cool…isn’t it?

Download gApps Launcher

Talking Cats and Bunny

Talking 3 Friends Cats & Bunny1 Talking 3 Friends Cats & Bunny 2

Android apps never stop to amaze me. Now cats and bunny get to be a part of your android device. That’s correct! With these new apps, bunny and cat reply to your questions in funny voices and also react when you touch them. This app will definitely makes you say again and again “oh so sweet”.


-High quality 3D graphics
-Voice interaction/animations
-Robot software
-Cat, dog, baby, donkey and bunny animations
-Special sound effects
-Not like hedgehogs, cats, robots, dinosaurs, hippos, smiley etc.

Download Talking Cats and Bunny

Market History Cleaner

Market History Cleaner 1Market History Cleaner 2

Now you can easily clear market recent search history in a jiffy with this market history cleaner. Its surely a must to protect your privacy specially from all those snoopy people around you. The latest version of the Market History Cleaner is 1.0.2 and is supported by all android version.

Download Market History Cleaner

SGS Touchscreen Booster

SGS Touchscreen Booster 1SGS Touchscreen Booster 2

There are a hell many apps in the market to do some nitty-gritty tweaks to your Galaxy S phone. And, here is one more, SGS Touchscreen Booster. It helps to optimize your Samsung Galaxy S(19000) touch screen and also no root is needed for this app. SGS Touchscreen is supported by Android 2.2 or higher.

Download SGS Touchscreen Booster

InkPad Notebook

InkPad Notepad - (for notes)InkPad Notepad - (for notes) 1

Gone are the days when we had to write in a notepad and had to carry it everywhere with us. Now with inkpad notebook you have a notepad in your phone. So now with this very easy to use app you can have your shopping list, class schedule, chocolate truffle recipe everything in your phone.

Download InkPad Notebook

Motion Fart


This one is especially for all you pranksters out there. With Motion Fart you can fool anybody and every body by making weird fart sounds. Just put your phone in your pocket and motion fart will do its job. One thing I can assure you is that this app will really make you roll with laughter with different types of fart like squeaky fart, wet fart and loud fart sounds. So are you ready to fart?

Download Motion Fart

Nexus One LED Flashlight

Nexus One LED Flashlight 1Nexus One LED Flashlight 2

This application helps you to turn the camera LED flash on and off. In this version 1.3.0 a button has been added to the widget screen to take you to a launch application download. It is suppose to be only for Nexus One and it has been only tested on Android 2.2. but it might also work on the following

Nexus One 2.2
N1 – Cyanogenmod 6 & 7
Motorola Droid
T-Mobile G2 (HTC Desire Z)
Dell Streak
T-Mobile myTouch 4G (HTC Glacier)
HTC EVO (not sure which one!)
HTC Droid Incredible
HTC HD2 (Leo)
HTC Desire

If yours is not a 2.2xNexus One and those apps is still working please do let us know through our comment section.

Download Nexus One LED Flashlight

Cute Cupid Live

Cute Cupid Live Wallpaper

There’s love in the air with this new Live Wallpaper for Android devices. Cute Cupid is a wallpaper which is not only interactive but also has very cute sound effects.

Let’s have a look at the features

  • Touch the little walking/flying red hearts for special effect!
  • Cute sound effect !
  • Use own image/photos as background!
  • Change hearts location, size, etc (in Edit Screen)
  • Apply color filter! (in Edit Screen)
  • Multiple background fitting mode!
  • Assign app shortcut (in Edit Screen)

So ready to be hit by Cupid?

Download Cute Cupid Live

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