Harass Me Android App: Let Important and Emergency Calls Ring Even in Silent Mode

Call Reminder App Harass Me

Harass Me android app lets users set a time frame within which if number of calls are received from a particular number, the phone will ring up, even when in silent mode.

Putting phone to sleep mode is the first-aid tool whenever you don’t want your phone to trouble you amid meetings, sleep, etc. But, what happens many a times is that one forgets to off the sleep mode in time, before important/emergency calls are missed. Or worst, sometimes, that silence wasn’t worth anything in relation to calls missed. So what do you do?

Well, try the Harass Me android app, which simply plays the normal ringtone of your phone whenever (as per by default settings) 3 calls are made to your number from a particular number within a gap of 3 minutes. Of course, you can change the time limit and the number of calls as per your convenience in the app’s settings, and all this really makes it a wonderful app, no matter how creepy app’s name sounds vis-à-vis its function.

After you’ve installed the app (or when you upgrade it), you need to ‘activate the service’ by opening the app and ticking the same. Since the app would run its service, there would small amount (let’s say, negligible) of battery drain.

The app would play the normal ringtone on the volume level set for the alarm tones, which makes sense, for any emergency call that meets the eligibility of set number of calls in set number of time frame, you know!

And it doesn’t burden your phone memory space too, since it weighs just 38 KB and supports all android devices in its latest version 1.4. More importantly, it’s FREE, so it’s worth a try. Who knows, when it saves you from missing a very important call. After all, the ground — that important calls are often tried many a times within a small time frame — looks very practical, right?

Download Harass Me using the QR Code or the direct Market Link for phones below.

Download Harass Me

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