Real time system monitoring with Device Monitor & Inspector

Once you get an Android device, it is advisable to know some basic information of your device like device name and its specifications just to gain some knowledge about the device you’re using. There is also necessity to monitor the device in real-time like checking the CPU utilization, Storage information, battery stats etc… to keep your device fast and run smooth all along. You can do some of them by navigating through various settings options of the device or installing third-party apps for the monitoring purpose.

A third-party app offers more functionality in monitoring your device, reducing you the burden of searching various options in device’s settings. Most of the apps in the Playstore are limited to provide some of the information and statistics of you device. But with the Device Monitor & Inspector app, you can monitor all of your device process and hardware at a single place.

Device Monitor & Inspector is a utility tool that lets you monitor various segments of your device.  The app provides various tabs for various sections thus giving a simple navigation facility to monitor our device. For instance you can check the device information, sensors list and the firmware info all at a single place and you can check the app permissions and date of installation and other information related to the installed apps in another tab.

The various features that the app provides to monitor your device in real-time are:

  • Displays detailed information of the running processes
  • Storage Information
  • Battery Information
  • Installed Apps info.
  • Network Monitoring
  • Telephony information
  • Device Information including sensors and other hardware info
  • Software & Firmware info

The UI of the app is very simple with a category wise monitoring. The app provides all the information of the device with in a click. So need of navigating through infinite menus of your device. You can also kill the processes from the app itself and also has the option to delete apps without going to application manager. The app also includes battery and network widgets to stay up to date with the device’s battery and network statistics.

So without any further delay, click on the download link provided below to download the app from the Playstore and monitor your device in real-time.

The Good:
  • Simple UI
  • Vast options to monitor the device
  • Battery and Network widgets
The Bad:
  • Nothing yet

  Download Device Monitor & Inspector