Get Notifications from one device to another with ease using Anywhere Notifications

With the numerous range of android devices available in the market, it is really hard to use just one device in our daily life. Usually most people have a android phone as well as a tablet lying around in their home. Its difficult to manage notifications in multiple devices at a time. Most people stick to their PC while at home for various works and checking on notifications on other devices is really disturbing at times. Here’s a little app that lets you manage notifications of multiple android devices on a single device.

Anywhere notifications is a notification managing app that manages notification on multiple android devices connected to a single WiFi. The app lets you send or receive notifications from one device to another with ease. You can also get the notifications of all your devices on your PC directly so that there is no need to check on your devices regularly for important notifications.

For receiving notifications, your device should be Android 2.2 or above while to send notifications your device must be above Android 4.3. Once you check the compatibility on your android device, set the device mode i.e either the device sends or receives notifications. Then click on the start button to starting sharing the notifications.

If you want to use your PC to receive the notifications of all your devices, then you have to install a small program on your PC which is jar file that is tested on both Windows and Linux. The download link for the desktop program is provided at the end of the post. The downloaded file is a archive file, so once you download it, extract the file and double click on it. It will start the server to receive notifications on your PC.

Once everything is set, you can access the notifications of all your devices on your PC or any other device. Download the app from the Playstore link below and manage all your notifications without any hassle. If you want to check your notifications on your PC, remember to download the PC program as well.

The Good
  • Light Weight app
  • Manage all notification on single device
  • Compatible with PC and Linux
The Bad
  • Few minor bugs

Get it on the play store using the link below.

  Download Anywhere Notifications

Download the PC program for receiving notifications

  Download PC Program