Hide Private Information from your Screenshots with Floating Censor

If you are an android developer or an android blogger, you are frequently involved in taking screenshots on your device and posting them in various social networking sites and developer communities. Before posting them, you always intend to hide your private information like names, photos, emails etc… in your screenshots by editing them. You can now Censor your screenshots right on your device with the Floating Censor app without the need of editing thus saving your time.

The Floating Censor app is a light-weight app that allows you to hide your private information from the screenshots. The app generates floating black boxes that can be used to cover the information you like on your screen before taking a screenshot. These black boxes are quite handy and can be easily configurable.

The app itself is simple to use. Once you click the app icon in the app drawer, it generates a tutorial window and a black box. You can close the tutorial box by clicking on close button on the window itself or you can close it from the notification bar. Click and hold the box on the lower right side to resize the box to suit your requirement. You can also quick hide a box if you are planning to use it on further screenshots.

Multiple boxes can be generated by simply tapping the quick app icon in the notification bar. You can hide whatever content you are not willing to share by using these black boxes. Hide multiple objects by creating boxes of required sizes and then just take a screenshot and post it directly from your device without any editing.

So don’t waste time on editing your screenshots, just install Floating Censor app and hide all the unnecessary info from your screenshot. Click on the download link below to download the Floating Censor app from playstore.

The Good
  • Light Weight app
  • Multiple Black boxes
  • Resizeable boxes
The Bad
  • Nothing in this column

Get it on the play store using the link below.

  Download Floating Censor