Best Call Recorder for Android

Some things are never to be forgotten. People usually record the moments of their life in the form of Pictures and Videos which will momentarily show their past events. But how can you afford to  forget some sweet conversations that make your life so happy. Birthday wishes from your mother, First proposal to your love, You success news and many more life events you happen to know through a call. You can’t just forget them and the best way to store them is through a Call Recorder.

Call Recorders as the name reflects is used to record the the incoming and outgoing calls and save them to a suitable location. Many such call recorders are prevalent in the Playstore. Here is one such Call Recorder which we suggest as the best call recorder so far in the Playstore with exciting features.

Linchpin Utility’s Call Recorder is a light weight application that can record both incoming and outgoing calls without any intervention. Once the app is installed and activated, it automatically records the calls without disturbing you. You can set which calls to record rather than recording all the calls. Calls are not automatically saved to your inbox rather the app asks your permission to save them.

With the notification enabled in the app settings, the app displays a notification after the call is ended. Once the notification is tapped it provides you options like listening, deleting, sharing the recording and also the contact details. User can listen to the conversation and can decide whether to keep it or delete it. User can also share the recording using sharing options like Bluetooth, MMS, and various social Networking apps etc…

The app provides various options to select your preference of recording like selecting the audio source, selecting the recording contacts, recording path, caller image display etc… which seperates it from the other similar apps out in the Playstore.

So click the download link provided below to download the app from Playstore and capture the moments.

The Good
  • Light Weight app
  • Record all calls
  • Inbuilt audio playback
The Bad
  • Nothing in this column

Get it on the play store using the link below.

  Download Call Recorder