Communication Apps


Handcent 4.0 (Beta) SMS App Out for Testing. Full ICS Support Added!

Facebook Messenger — Official Facebook Messenger App for Android

Ninesky Browser — A Light and Fast Browser for Android

Scanner Radio — Get Live Feeds from Police, Fire and Other Departments

Harass Me Android App: Let Important and Emergency Calls Ring Even in Silent Mode

Tap Dialer Android App: Is it the Quickest way to Dial Phone Numbers?

NetFront Life Browser for Android – It’s Fresh and it’s Cool. It Even Tilts Websites!

SMS Enhancer Android App

SMS Enhancer Android App: Get Additional Tweaks and Super SMS Functions!

Voice Plus android app

Voice Plus Android App: It Makes it Easy to Use Google Voice

Big Call for Conference Call

Big Call Android App makes It Damn Easy to Make a Conference Call!


Set the Automatic SMS Alerts / Forwarding with dgAway on your Android Phone


vRecorder Android App Lets You Record Calls, Voice Memos and Audio!


Easily Add Prefixes / Suffixes to Numbers On The Go with the Prefixer Android App

No Signal Alert Free Android App

No Signal Alert – Notifies you of Dead Zones